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Quantum does a post election special on President Trump.  As usual, it’s available on iTunes, Podbean and the Solas website here:


|   TOPICS   |

* President Trump.

* College Educated – Indoctrination, Infantilisation and Intolerance.

* Scotland’s mature reaction.

* National Day of Prayer for Scotland on 30th November


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The Washington Post – Trump won because college-educated Americans are out of touch

BBC Scotland – Gary Tank Commander Play list


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  • Saint-Saëns – Danse Macabre
  • The Jacksons – Blame It On The Boogie
  • Powderfinger – Poison In Your Mind
  • Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
  • Adele – Hello
  • Norah Jones – Humble Me
  • Beautiful Eulogy – Exile Dial Tone



  1. Hi David,

    It was so helpful to listen to this.

    I’ve had an unexpected mental reaction since the vote on Tuesday.. this is NOT because Trump has been elected.. I think it is because of seeing such idolatry from both sides during the ‘so called’ campaign (listen to the song ‘The Democratic Circus’ by The Talking Heads!).. the idolatry from (some Republicans) with their assumption that the Republican Preisdential candidate is part of some warped notion of Apostolic succession.. and the idolatory of many on the other side, with their aggressive persuit of empty Neoliberalism. For the record I voted for Gary Johnson, as I discerned he was the most capable of holding the highest office, of the four dead horses in the U.S. Presidential race.

    I was saying to my vicar yesterday, I do think partisan affiliation is seen as something of an eccentricity in this era. More and more, people are looking to personality/identity politics, looking towards a movement they can affiliate with, as opposed to a traditional political party they can embed themselves within. This search for identity politics is a tremendous opportunity for the gospel in my opinion!

    I’m taking a wee break from Twitter. Some of the hysterical stuff on my timeline (and some of the hatred) hasn’t been particularly edifying.

    Thanks be to God who ‘fills the Heavens’ – the implication of this is there is no room for anyone else on THAT throne.

    I pray for the church in America, and in Britain, to flee idolatry and return to the transformational gospel!

    Grateful as ever for this output David. Thank you

  2. Good analysis. Great analysis of the state of education. I am personally very pleased with Trump winning as I am with the Brexit vote. Two major victories against the elites who are already exhibiting their loathing for anyone who disagrees with them. This arrogance doesn’t bode well for their future as they refuse to understand why people voted the way they did. God is indeed on the throne and we must not make idols of any political party or individual. The Scottish political class have been an embarrassment with their reaction to Brexit and Trump. Fear of losing their influence perhaps? All the empty virtue signalling and emoting. I think Trump will surprise people by being a good President. When two complete outsiders,Farage and Trump can steer their countries in the opposite direction of the elites,perhaps there is a divine hand in this. Only God knows.

  3. Not sure there is something wrong with me. I slept overnight through the election as I did through Brexit though my interest was more vested there than contingent in the US result. Unlike David and this UK Christian blogger Alastair Roberts, who has gone to town on his written analysis. His latest posting was yesterday: “Cracks in the progressive left- part 1”. It is seemingly exhaustive, (and exhausting, perhaps, as I’ve only skimmed stones over its waters) bringing together a number of commentators. If my memory is correct I think he may have made a lengthy contribution to one of David’s pre-Bretix blogs.


    Perhaps , after all, the progressive cultural liberalism of the West, beloved of all political persuasions is finding itself on the wrong side of history. But I’ll not hold my breath as the evidence seems to be that the same liberal progressive mind is so closed that it is doctrinely incapable of self analysis and change. Perhaps all followers of S Freud who said, “I have examined myself thoroughly and have decided that I do not need to change much.” Yesterdays circling of the wagons by Europe’s Foreign Ministers would suggests ideological self protectionism has been triggered in the name of universalism/globalism, Babelism.

    In the US, red or blue have a driving commonality- the longing for a counterfeit saviour. As per Brexit/Remain. Which brings us back to David’s “Is Trump on the Throne….”

    Will the circle be unbroken? It has been and will be…follow David’s Revelation series.

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