Quantum 86 on the “Sexuality, Society and the Church” conference.

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Andy Bannister joined me in the studio to discuss last weekend’s Solas conference at Charlotte Chapel in Edinburgh on sexuality, society and the church.

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Solas CPC – Inverness Conference 




  1. Excellent. Thank you. An encouragement and needed constant reminder and corrective of the transformative power of the Good News of Jesus and the highest good we were created for, in union with Christ. (John 17)

    Not many in older church membership with family, other than through death of spouses will know what its like to live alone in the experiental “Love Divine all loves excelling.” And who are unaware that family could/have become and idol. I don’t know either, though on conversion I said to my wife that I had to put God before her. But paradoxical she is even more precious as I simultaneously realise how loved she is by Christ, her name engraved on His hand.

    “Behold the throne of God above….

    Once again this shows how multi facetted preaching the gospel can be, and again it reminded me of elder brotherishness within us all and when push comes to shove where we get our security, identity, significance, status and acceptance from. Though we say it is Christ, if health, wealth, family, qualifications, career, vocation were removed, everything we rely on, trust, removed would we be crushed. As Keller frequently states, they all individually, or together , in reality function as counterfeit saviours.

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