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The Beginning of the Nightmare – Why the SNP are Giving up on Independence for Scotland – Part 2

Summary – In part one which you can read here I argued in summary that rather than the SNP using the threat of Brexit to push for independence, they are using the threat of independence to try and nullify Brexit. In part 2 we look at how the SNP is increasingly turning away from being a democratic political party where differences are not only tolerated but encouraged,  to a an authoritarian controlling populist movement. 

My first post was of course greeted with the usual scorn and outrage from the more fundamentalist and emotive cybernats – thereby proving my future points that for some the SNP has become like a religion with the EU being at the centre of their creed.

Ironically my point was demonstrated further by this SNP supporting website which argues that its only the SNP who can save Britain now!  (click here)

Its incredible that without a trace of irony an SNP supporting website can argue that the purpose of the SNP, which used to be breaking up the UK and setting Scotland free, is now to save the UK and keep us all in the EU – such is the religious and ideological devotion which the metro elites have for their ‘progessive’ Eutopia.

And by this article in The Independent in which a young person who had originally voted No in Indy Ref says they will now vote Yes in Indy Ref 2, not because of any principles of national sovereignty and political freedom, but simply because Scotland is or would become ‘a socially liberal utopia’. Yes this is the fantasy. This is the delusion being fed our young people. And it does not surprise me at all that the author of the article is an English student at Edinburgh University (which now takes more English than Scottish students, because they pay more).   One Edinburgh Uni student told me that she was visited by University officials who told her to vote Remain in the EU referendum. Our higher institutions of learning, have become as much tools of the establishment and the social engineering required by it, as any of our lower ones.   By definition the elites (the haves) seem to benefit more from being ‘socially liberal’ than the have nots. And this is the group that the SNP are supporting?!

The Power

But lets continue. As well as being about progressive and pro-EU, the new SNP is all about power. Whilst the Labour party seems to have been taken over by the Corbyn cult, whose devotees are not too concerned about whether they actually get any power to put their ideals into place, the SNP have been there, done that.  This is a party that now knows what power is, likes it and has generally wielded it well. But I fear that hubris is beginning to set in.   In particular I am concerned that the party is, like Labour, in danger of being taken over by a kind of secular religious cult where heresy is not tolerated and disagreement is considered blasphemy.   This hasn’t happened yet and indeed the election of Angus Robertson as deputy leader was a sign that at the top, the party hierarchy are still in control, but they are playing with fire.   One day the beast they have created may turn and devour them.


Kevin McKenna fired a friendly warning shot in his article in the Guardian pointing out the controlling nature of the SNP leadership. It was clear that conference was carefully stage managed, which is normal, but the depths of control within the SNP have become quite disturbing – almost of Clintonesque proportions.   When groups like Common Space are discouraged and are replaced by Heathrow Airport lobbyists (what a coincidence that the Scottish government came out last week in favour of a new runway being given to Heathrow!)  there is something to worry about in the ‘peoples party’.

The combination of a highly controlled (Tory style) party with a populist (Corbyn style) membership is a dangerous one.

In the cringe worthy MPs discussion this statement was made about the Tory party –

“They come from Tory shires where they are just not interested in challenging their own sides”. The words, pot, kettle and black come to mind. All MSPs spoke in favour at the EU debate…would any of them have been allowed to speak against?  If the SNP really believes in open debate then where are the MPs who will question any of the centrist policies?  And why do they have to sign an agreement saying they will not speak against any party policy?

In the worst kind of political fundamentalism there are only two sides. Everything is black and white.   We were told that we only have a ‘choice of two futures’.   It was very Bushesque – ‘there are the good guys and the bad guys, the good empire and the evil empire’.   Cue the pantomime politics.   Every speaker had to mention the Tories (boo….) and praise the EU (hurrah)…At times it became almost like a Trump rally…we are for motherhood and apple pie (EU again, tolerant inclusivity) and against Hilary (Teresa May). I almost expected the cries of ‘lock her up’!

Views no Longer Acceptable in Inclusive Scotland
A disturbing trend in this kind of political ideological fundamentalism is the presumption of the leaders to speak not only for themselves, or their party but also for the whole of the country. Nicola spoke of views that were ‘no longer acceptable to mainstream Scotland’.   Even more disturbingly – “we all know what we feel”.   And then Angela Constance in the midst of a speech, which again used the ‘internationalist’ mantra, spoke about shaping ‘the way we live, or the way we should all live’.

We now have a political party telling us what views are acceptable in modern Scotland and which are not, what feelings we should have and the way we should all live. It’s the new religion and woe betide anyone who strays from the one true path.

What is Best for the People of Scotland? 

Nicola spoke about the guiding principle being “what is best for the people of Scotland?”. It’s a great principle but who determines what is best? How do we define best?  Is the uncertainty of another referendum really best for the people of Scotland?   Is staying in the EU? France has a youth unemployment rate of 39%, Italy 43%, Greece 50%; France and Italy have government debt of 2 trillion euros each.   Is this what is best for the people of Scotland?

And lets return to the question of students.  A report issued today says that by not paying the fees of EU students the Scottish government would gain £97 million.  The point is that there are less students going from working class backgrounds to Scottish Universities than ever before.  Is it best for the people of Scotland that our taxes pay for EU students to come whilst excluding Scottish ones?   And is it not racist to offer free tuition paid for by Scottish taxpayers to French and German students, but not to Africans and Syrians?   And is there not something wrong with a system which charges EU students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland up to £36,000, thereby incentivising universities to prioritise these students and exclude Scottish ones?   Why is this best for the people of Scotland?  Will the Scottish government tell a working class kid from Kirkton in Dundee who can’t afford to go to Uni that there is no money, whilst at the same time paying for relatively wealthy middle class students from the EU to come here?  There may be good answers to these questions but why were the questions not even asked at the SNP conference?    Do people just buy into the propaganda and not think for themselves?

I have no doubt of the sincerity of Nicola Sturgeon. I don’t question her motivation or heart, but I do question her judgement and her ability to determine what is best for all of us.

What would be best for us? How about getting powers to control Scotland’s fisheries? How about working to make Brexit a success and getting as many of the powers that belong to Europe handed to the Scottish parliament? Why sacrifice the interests of Scotland on the alter of the ‘progressive’ Euro ideology?

Don’t Question the Party!

Another indication of the current cult-like status of the new progressive pro-EU SNP is the way that the cybernats repeat mantras and dismiss anything that goes against the current faith. For example I tweeted a statement about the EU being undemocratic and immediately the cybernats jumped in with the extraordinary claim that ‘the EU commissioners are democratically elected” and “The commissioners do not make the laws” etc. And people liked and retweeted – despite it being demonstrably false!  We truly live in the world of post-truth politics!  SNP spin doctors send out their Pravda style statements, and the Cybernats pass them on as though they are Holy Writ!  I have a worrying suspicion that if next year the Party were to state that the EU was undemocratic those same people would be sending out exactly the opposite tweets, without a hint of irony. Its 1984! The Party is always right!

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  1. Indepedence was only ever independence from England. The SNP wants Scotland to become a backwater of the EU in the backpocket of Brussels.

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