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Voices in Harmony – St Peters Singing

I recorded this on my Iphone at the afternoon concert of acapella singing in St Peters last Sunday.  This was part of the Open Doors weekend and allowed people to hear some of the kind of singing we try to do.  Crawford Mackenzie (one of our elders and worship leaders) got together this small choir of 12 and with less than a handful of rehearsals this is what they came up with….it is really beautiful.   I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   (Annabel was part of the choir and she looked and sounded great- says the proud husband!)

From the St Peters FB page

When we sing, we drive important theological truths deep into our hearts. It’s why as a church we believe so passionately in singing Psalms from the Bible; because it not only praises the Lord, but it also teaches and guides the Church. On Sunday afternoon we sang acappella music (meaning my voice is my instrument) for our ‘Voices in Harmony’ event for Doors Open day. Many came for many different reasons, but each saw music being made because souls were cheered by the Good News of Jesus Christ. Have a listen..


  1. Superb singing and a great example or being led in praise rather than a performance. Deeply moved by this.

  2. Fantastic efforts,from the mezzo soprano to bass section,voices clear and so uplifting,definitely
    an inspiration and choir master did very well.

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