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  • First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s miscarriage. 
  • Keith Vaz. 
  • Transgender Man Pregnancy. 
  • Transgender Down Under. 
  • Solas Magazine. 
  • Marrying yourself. 
  • School Uniform. 
  • Bishop David Jenkins. 
  • Col. Jeff Williams. 

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s miscarriage

Herald Scotland – Nicola Sturgeon tells of sorrow over miscarriage

TheWeeFlea.com – Sturgeon’s Sorrow


Keith Vaz

Christian Today – Keith Vaz: Defending the indefensible

ArchbishopCranmer.com – Why does no one care that Keith Vaz’s rent boys might be trapped in sexual slavery?


Transgender Man Pregnancy

Time Magazine – My Brother’s Pregnancy and the Making of a New American Family


Transgender Down Under

Daily Mail – Child aged FOUR becomes the youngest in Australia to do a gender swap 

Bloomsbury.com – Teacher’s Guide – Introducing Teddy


Solas Magazine



Marrying yourself

The Spectator – The rise of marriage for one


School Uniform

Premier Christianity:  Three Cheers for the Christian headteacher sticking to his values


Bishop David Jenkins

BBC –  Bishop David Jenkins obituary: A controversial cleric – BBC News 


Col. Jeff Williams




Eddi Reader – My love is like a red, red rose

Lostprophets – A town called hypocrisy

INXS – Time

T-Rex – Children of the Revolution

Eric Carmen – All by myself

Chuck Berry – School Days

Christine and the Queens – Tilted

Babylon Zoo – Spaceman


  1. Marriage:

    On Friday 09/09/16 there was a short article in the free daily newspaper in England the “Metro” (don’t know if it’s available in Scotland) reporting that, in USA, a woman had married her daughter and had now married her son. There were no further details.

    I could think of nothing worse than marrying myself. What a great sitcom spoof that would make.

    David Jenkin:

    I’d read somewhere that he said he could offer no hope to the dying. Unsurprising really, but a big pastoral impediment, I’d think.

    Unlike a story about Dr Sangster, a Methodist, who had some significance nationally. He asked a dying woman church member what she’d say to God when she met him. “I’d show him my hands and ask him to look at them, hands that had worked so hard to bring up so hard to bring up 5 children on my own. “My dear, my dear, I’m sorry to tell you God has eyes only for one pair of hands, the nail pierced hands of His precious Son.”

  2. An interesting listen as usual.

    As time goes on I am increasingly convinced of the need for a sense of humour. Otherwise if one is to take to hear some of the things happing in the world, how is one to prevent becoming saddened and stressed to the point even of becoming mentally ill?

    Rather, is it not better to take the approach:

    “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires… Trust him, and he will help you. He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun… Stop being angry!.. The Lord just laughs, for he sees their day of judgment coming.”

    So joining in with laughter then – yes the gestapo comment haha about the head teacher and not I’m not going to apologise for laughing :).

    On the other hand the teddy story – is that not child abuse? Is saying a 4 year old is transgender and in other cases prescribing medication to delay the onset of puberty child abuse? It seems the conventional wisdom is that the number of people being suicidal who are “transgender” is due to pressure from society to be a gender they don’t feel they are. Some say that after transitioning any who remain to be suicidal do so because of continued societal pressure about transgenderism. The battle has been won about this in favour of transgenderism. In spite of there being differing medical opinions about transgender being either a mental illness or gender dysphoria, anyone who talks of someone being suicidal in the context rather than affirming transition risks being accused of transphobic. One up on in the victim Olympics one might say from Islamophobia and closely followed by homophobia.

    So – is there a place for a conversation in the public arena doe being transformed by the renewing of your mind in this sense rather than transitioning because you feel like you are not your biological gender? The foolishness of God comes to mind.

    One last point – there was talk in the podcast about arguments between evangelicals over whether a particular bishop is acting in keeping with what it means to be “in Christ”. With the evangelical approach being to either be agents for change or to avoid false teaching and false teachers. So, therefore with there being disagreements within evangelicalism then the same logically must surely apply. That there must be agency for change of false teaching within evangelicalism or to avoid evangelicalism. For no real security can be found in evangelicalism, just as it can’t be found in any other human movement, ideology or philosophy.

    So yes – something to laugh about there too. “For the day of judgement is coming” and God judges justly not with the unconscious bias that we all have.

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