Quantum 76

Sorry, forgot to post this link for Quantum of Solas 76 last weekend (but I suppose that’s one of the benefits of subscribing to the podcast on iTunes or Podbean instead.)

Quantum 77 should be out tomorrow.

Here’s episode 76

Quantum 76


* Usain Bolt and Mary Berry – Faith and the BBC *

* Stephen Green and Tom Daly *

* TheNewAtlantis Journal’s Special Report on Sexuality and Gender *

* Celtic and Palestine Flags *

* #TwoWomenTravel *

* Angus Buchan *

* Writer of Yes Minister dies *


Premier Christianity: The BBC’s decision to ignore Usain Bolt’s faith is another sign of anti-Christian bias

TheWeeFlea.com:  The Blasphemy of Christian Voice and an Apology to Tom Daley

TheWeeFlea.com: What the Green Reaction tells us about the UK Church

TheNewAtlantis.com: Special Report – Sexuality and Gender

HeraldScotland: UEFA open disciplinary proceedings against Celtic for Palestine flag display

Twitter:  Two Women Travel

BBC:   Yes Minister writer Sir Antony Jay dies at 86


The Proclaimers – Over and done with

Madness – Don’t quote me on that

Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Mixed up world

Ziggy Marley – Shalom Salaam

Kylie Minogue – Baby

The Cranberries – Wake up and smell the coffee

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Death is not the end


  1. 1 This is a post Levitical “should”. The introduction and conclusion to the New Atlantis report into Sexuality and Gender should be required reading for all Christians, at least for leaders and disseminated into the culture/media. Don’t know the beliefs of the authors, but, no doubt, they’d be open to scrutiny in attempts to discredit the research.

    2 Christianity heritage of the UK and the BBC’s stance of “airbrushing” it out.
    This shows your age – it’s been photo-shopped or pixelated out of existence, except in sports commentary, especially soccer where players atone or redeem themselves. And how about mortgages being “redeemed” by being paid in full. There are likely to be many vestiges or roots in language.

    This week, flipping again through Keller’s book on preaching drawing on the work of Charles Taylor he emphasises the secular dilemma that arises from the denial of Christian history in the West:
    “Since secular modernity believes that its values have not come from Christianity but are simply the deliverances of objective reason, we can not appeal to any other society to adopt human rights without first telling it that it needs to jettison Hinduism or Islam or its tribal religion and become secular. Taylor writes that there’s an inability of many Westerners to see their culture as one among many,”

    Keller continues, “Western secularists insist that their view of equal rights is simply self evident to any rational person, but non-Western cultures do not agree – they are far from self evident.

    Because truly secular people can’t admit the source of their main moral values in their Christian history, it makes them imperialistic”

    3 Abortion. The Christian Institute has this article with the heading

    It could be renamed, “Equal rights for the unborn” .

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