1. This is hardly news but fits in with Solas’ wider brief of apologetics and Christianity in the public square. It corroborates points made by David in his “Disruption” blog.

    I know that this is not the place the mention this but thanks to David’s endorsement of the Spectator I found this a wonderful apologetic for faith of classic music composers and it’s secularisation:

    “Southbank’s ‘Belief and Beyond Belief’ series is beyond parody
    The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s forthcoming festival is a wasted opportunity and exposes the anti-religious mindset of Britain’s art’s establishment
    Damian Thompson”

    It’s wide ranging and briefly touches on Bruckner’s concern over the judgement of God at the end of his life (the Hell blog) and the reliability of wikki entries (the letter to the Herald).

    It is found here:


    Although much of classical music is lost on me, I found it an edifying read.

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