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Support the Free Church of Scotland Moderator to Keep the LGBT Ideology Out of Our Primary Schools

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Earlier this year Nicola Sturgeon, leader of the Scottish National Party, laid out plans for the teaching of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) issues to Scottish school children.

She made clear that this would be taught from primary school.

Recently, the moderator of the Free Church of Scotland, Reverend David Robertson, has spoken out against these plans and has been criticised for doing so.

He has rightly point out that: “Primary school children do not need to be taught what gay and transgender is,” and that we should be concerned that “[children are being indoctrinated] with a particular political/sexual philosophy.”

It should go without saying that people with same-sex attraction or those who are struggling with their gender identity have the same inherent dignity as all other people. As such, the Reverend Robertson draws attention to the fact that bullying of any kind, homophobic or otherwise, should not be tolerated in schools.

But there is no necessary connection between having same-sex attraction and the LGBT ideology. The LGBT movement embodies a very particular ideology about human nature and about the meaning and importance of sex and marriage. This includes, among other things, the idea that our true identity can be found in our desires, particularly our sexual desires, and that not indulging these desires is a form of repression which leads to psychological anguish. These are old Freudian ideas the truth of which is highly doubtful but which have been more or less adopted wholesale by the LGBT ideology.

The SNP’s commitment to reform transgender recognition laws could well lead to children being encouraged to choose their own gender, which will surely lead to great confusion among children as they are taught this confused ideology.

Please sign this petition to Reverend David Robertson in support of his continued stand against this ideology, in favour of parental authority in these matters and keeping the LGBT agenda out of primary schools.……


 Keep LGBT Ideology Out of Our Primary Schools

I write to you in regard to your outspoken criticism of Scottish Government plans to implement mandatory teaching on LGBT issues to primary school children.

I wish to let you know that I support you on this issue and find the plans deeply troubling.

I agree that bullying in any form should not be tolerated and respect for all persons regardless of other considerations should be taught at schools.

You are right to recognise that what is being taught is a particular political/sexual philosophy with which many persons, Christian or otherwise, profoundly disagree. The state should not force this view on primary school children. Such matters are the prerogative of parents and not the state.

I encourage you to keep up his fight, and keep the LGBT ideology out of primary schools.

[Your Name]


  1. Was interested in signing the petition but clicking on the highlighted links only led me to another article and a lengthy statement of a privacy policy.

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