1. As someone who has spent quite a lot of time in Switzerland and Austria I have observed that paganism is alive and well – there seems to be a delight taken in dressing up as the devil, for example, in parties before Lent (because it’s the last opportunity to be bad for a while!). In the opening of the tunnel in Switzerland the organisers have obviously decided to be ‘politically correct’ and write Christianity out of the ceremony and ironically added an element that should be offensive to any Christian, Jew, Muslim or secularist! However, I suspect many secular people think paganism is harmless because they wrongly think it’s consigned to a bygone era. We are not heading for a secular utopia, people are innately religious and will pursue religion in any form.

  2. Without Tom’s comment I’d have overlooked the reference to the tunnel opening. I’d seen something on national TV news, but there was nothing about this.

    I’ve not watched the video, and neither do I want to.

    Satanism is real even if obscured in the so called name of equality of beliefs, or dressed. or undressed in the name of art and creativity. It’s not Godly creativity, but demonic. Who or what does it glorify?

    CS Lewis’s Screwtapes Letters is instructive. More so the “doctrine of demons” and eschatology.

  3. I know this is not relevant to the post but my phone won’t let me onto weeflea.com: “Site Blocked. This site has been identified as a security risk and has been blocked to protect your privacy, The certificate to identify the wee flea.com has not been verified by a trusted source.”

  4. Thanks for your valuable time. Baffling. Didn’t do anything different. Just logged into history. So far theweeflea@wordpress search just brings up wordpress site, but I’ll keep trying. Might be doing something wrong, in my ignorance. Going out, so I’ll keep you posted later, if that’s OK.

  5. Thanks for your time.

    The above address still directs only to the wordpress site by my blackberry phone browser.

    While earlier today and yesterday the address I was using, “theweeflea.com/blog” was completely blocked. Now it has come up with a site warning: “This site may not be trustworthy:personal information entered on this site may not be protected”. So I’ve been able to get access by allowing it as an exception to the blackberry security system, as I don’t enter personal info on the phone.

    The blocking only happened after the posting of the latest Newsbrief. Don’t know if there are any “iffy images or links on that.

    Again baffled. Doubly so as the your wordpress address doesn’t gain site accesss. But at least I can again through the address I’ve always used.

    It might be just particular to blackberry.

  6. Thanks David,

    That is the address I always used and was blocked by my Blackberry phone browser until yesterday. But even now it comes with this warning:

    “This site may not be trustworthy. Personal information entered on this site may not be protected. The certificate to identify theweeflea.com has not been verified by a trusted source.”

    The security icon displayed “indicates that the site is loading some content from servers that are not using a secure connection…it may not be safe to view or interact with all of the content.”

    As I do not follow any of the links nor enter any personal information on my phone I can get access to your blog by allowing it as an exception.

    I don’t know if it is relevant, but the site hadn’t been blocked before posting this Newsbrief. However, I had to override the warning (asI can now do again) before it was completely blocked for about two days.

    I don’t know whether this has been or is particular to Blackberry and it’s browser, (it uses Bing) though your site was also blocked by my phone when I tried to get access through Google.

    Baffling. Once again, thanks for your valuable time.

    Sorry to get personal, but in the depths of this post could I endorse Martin’s counsel about family in your SEC post, in the heat and heart of this overall spiritual battle.

    1. Geoff. Not sure there’s anything I can do to fix your problem I’ve checked on a couple of different platforms and both web addresses for the blog are working correctly – http://www.theweeflea.com and theweeflea.wordpress.com – and I post links to the Solas website all the time. Sorry I can’t be of any help further than that.

  7. Once again, many thanks David. Didn’t mean side-track you. There’s no problem with security on my computer and as said I can again get access on my phone which I don’t use to pass comment here, but mostly to listen to stored sermons and teaching on a large micro card.

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