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Is Dundee Rotten? – Letter to the Courier



David Coburn, the leader of UKIP in Scotland, recently paid a visit to Dundee in which he spoke somewhat disparagingly of the city being left to rot by the SNP.  I responded to his remarks in the Courier with the following letter.  Sometimes we must acknowledge what is positive and not just be the continual moaners.


Dear Editor,

David Coburn, the UKIP leader, is perfectly entitled to come to Dundee and seek to persuade us to vote for his party.    Those of us who live here are just as entitled to tell him that he is talking nonsense when he says that Dundee has been ‘left to rot’ by the SNP.  Dundee is not rotting. It is being renewed.   We are a beautiful and vibrant city with a lot going for us.  Of course there is more that could be done, and politicians have made mistakes, but we should give credit where credit is due.    Visiting politicians should recognise that and not use us for cheap soundbites to advance their own fantasy politics.

Yours etc

David Robertson
St Peters Free Church
4 St Peter St


  1. David, I am sure that it’s not true , but some might say that you had nothing better to do today when you allow David Coburn a mention on “The Wee Flea ” blog. I am no lover of the policies laid out by the Scottish National Party but this was a man who branded Alex Salmond a racist and anti-English. Over many years I listened to Alex Salmond’s arguments and no matter how much I disagreed with his view , being called a racist was one thing that could never be laid at his door. David Coburn is a national election dream for any other party , save UKIP ..

    1. Gylen – I think you will find it was not exactly an endorsement of David Coburn! All I was seeking to do was defend my own city. I tried to put all my publications onto this blog, even such trivial ones!

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