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The Word of God for Today

I find it astonishing just how the Word of God speaks directly into our situation today.  Sometimes I wonder if I am reading too much into it – but it seems as I study to preach on the latter part of Isaiah, it could have been written today for the church today.  Of course it was written for us – as it was for all God’s people in all countries in all ages.   Anyway for those who read this blog and don’t know about the St Peters website – we put all our sermons on it  – usually at the beginning of the week.  Please feel free to make use of this, if it is helpful to you.  Dominic Smart, Sinclair Ferguson, yours truly and others are on there.  Last Sunday I preached on Isaiah 52:1-6 “Put on your glad rags’ which is now online….it would be interesting to hear your thoughts…

You can access all of them by clicking on St Peters Free Church Sermons


  1. Currently reading Hosea in my personal devotions. As I pointed out on my own blog ( it really is more up-to-date than tomorrow’s newspapers! So many pictures that mirror both the church, and the society, of today. Of course, “All scripture is inspired by God …” (II Tim 3:16) – and Paul was referring to what we now know as the Old Testament – so this is only to be expected!

    Blessings, and shalom.

  2. “Awake, awake!
    Put on your strength, O Zion;
    Put on your beautiful garments,
    O Jerusalem, the holy city!” Is 52:1a

    “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Neh 8:10

    Enough said really.

  3. It’s good to hear of you getting “back” to studying to preach and thank you for the referral to the St Peter’s sermons.

    Although I’ve mentioned in other posts how much I’ve benefited from listening on line to preaching and teaching it has always been where I’ve not been able to directly comment to the preacher, so I’m not sure I’d respond to the invitation to comment. Would any comment be made on this site

    It seems that Lloyd-Jones didn’t like people to take notes, and was ambivalent to the recording of his sermons. People had to “be there”, as you can’t capture the working of Holy Spirit.

    Sometimes I weigh sermons through something Keller has said about hearing sermons that have plenty of good advice, are full of good information but are not imbued with the good news of Jesus Christ, even in the New Testament , let alone the Old. Sinclair Ferguson, as you know, emphasises Christ in all scripture, so sometimes I’ve left waiting and wanting. It can however lead to unspoken captious, critique. But I’ve never said to any preacher, “where was Jesus?”

    But that simple method of assessment is highly pertinent with the recent Dollar sermon content.

  4. PS

    A friend attended St Georges, theTron when he was a University student, at a time when both George Duncan and Sinclair Ferguson preached there. Evidently the younger ones, students, preferred Sinclair’s preaching. He may or may not like to know that, as comparisons are odious, as is ageism, and personal preferrences. But this information may give him some satisfaction, pleasure, rather than any competitive pride. May it be a compliment to him.

  5. Apologies, once again David.

    Should have listened to your sermon before making any comment at all.

    Can I wholeheartedly, and mindfully recommend all who have read and are drawn to your blog for any reason, to spend some time listening to it.

    It is far more important than all the important topics than you blog about and which draw comment.

    “The knowledge of God” – so pleased that you emphasised the importance of doctrine but even more pleased you emphasised a knowledge beyond doctrine, particulary with your quotation from John L Mackay.

    Where wasn’t Jesus?

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