1. Well done. One of the best you’ve done on the BBC. The atheists on the show were so incredibly bigoted and ‘extreme’ to coin a phrase. And clearly blind to their own shortcomings and to the limits of science.

  2. Oh dear,what a forum for atheists,what a sad reflection upon them,one of your better controlled interviews Mr David Robertson,you put your points across and did not get over emotional,the religion of no person matters as long as they can do a job! A sincere example of religious intolerance,What started off as being about a Christian working on morning tv,descended into bigotry,pathetic that aetheists seem to think they have the right to destroy every aspect of Christianity.

  3. Everard followed a particular methodology for the calculation of the Creation. The ‘Three Sunnes’ document – very clear in identifying 41 B.C. (an unidentifiable occurrence of parhelic phenomena in Rome) with the year 3,923 after Creation.
    Adjusting by forty one years brings us to the same date of creation arrived at by Melanchthon in the previous century (i.e. 3964 B.C.). Luther had arrived at a similar, but nonetheless different, date of 3961 B.C. Kepler too arrived at a relatively close dating of 3,993 years.
    All these were about one thousand to 1,500 years out from those who followed a methodology based upon the Septuagint. Luther, Kepler and Melanchthon were all essentially following the example set by Bede in Northumbria who had broken away from the standard Septuagint assumptions and all three follow the Masoretic methodology, based on the authoritative Hebrew text of the Jewish Bible following the Daniel Bomberg / Jacob ben Hayyim ibn Adonijah’s Cenice collation of 1524 – 1525.
    However, far earlier, Augustine had dismissed a literal interpretation of the ‘days’, arguing instead for allegorical periods of time. This is actually in line with possible alternative translations of the Ancient Hebrew, ‘yôn’.

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