Solas NewsBrief – 1st Feb

NB 01.02.16

You can download a PDF copy of this week’s NewsBrief from the Solas website to share offline or to display on your church notice board for prayer.

Solas NewsBrief 2016-02-01


  1. Transgender:

    Interesting article by Melanie Phillips

    Evidently, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner has produced a survey and children as young as 13 are to be offered an opportunity to defined what gender they are in, including “gender fluid”, “tri-gender,” with 25 different labels to chose from..

    Where are the voices against this other than Germaine Greer.

    There seems to have been some modicum of sense by the Law Commissioners.

    This is social engineering and perhaps perhaps child abuse? As Melanie Phillips says, the social “scientists” ideologue is that gender is a social “construct” not biology. If so they are free to construct their own.based on freedom of choice. This reconstruction needs to be de-constructed. I doubt if cutting edge comedians would care/dare to lampoon this construct.

    How about the biblical doctrine of humanity for a refreshing, mind clearing change.


  2. Sorry don’t mean to hog the comments, overstay welcome on this site, and you or others will “horizon scan” on the internet for items, and this is probably not the place to mention this, but if you don’t already know, Peter Tatchell now disagrees with the ruling against Ashers Baking Co in N Ireland saying it sets a worrying precedent. see Christian Institute site for his reasoning.

    Please block this or tell me to go away, if it’s not what you want.


  3. Oh I would say there is material for comedy in Germaine Greer saying Caitlyn Jenner as an “ex-man” winning the glamorous woman competition in Vogue magazine being misogyny. Maybe men could take over Miss World next, competing to see who leaves most of their food at the dinner table and for a grant finale having the last word in a conversation.

    I think perhaps Goeff you might be underestimating “cutting edge comedians” with their courage in engaging in such things – though perhaps not many comedians with a happy married life 😉

  4. It would be interesting to hear how South American Christians are responding to Zika, especially as there is now a push to extend abortion “rights” to cover microcephalic children in Brazil.

    1. I’m not sure I should describe people by their health conditions – children with microcephaly might be better.

      A quote from Debora Diniz, Professor at University of Brasilia: “It is important to remember, when we talk about abortion and reproductive rights in general, that we have a social class split in Brazil – wealthy women will access safe abortion, legal or illegal, and poor women will go to the illegal market or continue to be pregnant.”

      Sorry, poor women need decent housing, decent sanitation and decent healthcare. Not the “choice” of their death or their children’s death. Not being made out to be a burden on society for being a mother. Pregnancy is not a problem to be solved; poverty on the other hand, is.

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