Solas News Briefing =no.1 – 15th January 2016

Solas News Brief – 1 – 15th January 2016

Welcome to the first Solas News Brief. This will be a weekly summary of news items that may or may not be of interest to you. It is NOT a newsletter about Solas, but rather one from Solas, about the culture that we live in. If you would like to send anything that you think may be of interest for the next one – feel free to do so.   E-mail David at david@solas-cpc.org

Gender X – The government, going along with the general liberal hysteria about transgender, has come up with extraordinary proposals to allow anyone over 16 to change their ‘gender’ just by filling in a form – with no need to consult doctors or even live their new identity.   The committee also says that people should be able to record their gender as X on their passport and other official documents. And there should be allowance for ‘non-binary identities.  Do people not realize where this madness is leading us? For a start it will be the end of womens sport.   When I previously suggested that Andy Murray could just announce he was a woman and win the womens Wimbledon title (which for reasons of equality has the same prize money), I was howled down. Well news from Iran tells us that eight out of the eleven women in the Iranian football team are actually men waiting to undergo a sex change operation. Don’t want to say, told you so, but, ….!

Mein Kampf – The new 2,000 page edition of Hitler’s Mein Kampf has gone on sale for the first time since the Second World War. Despite a hefty price tag of €59 and the fact that it is free on the internet, it immediately sold out.  Mein Kampf is again a best seller in Germany

Christian Persecution – North Korea, Iraq, Eritrea, Afghanistan and Syria were identified as the top five countries in the world for persecuting Christians.   Open Doors report that persecution is increasing in many countries.  See their new report here

Death of David Bowie – The British rock star, David Bowie died from cancer on the 10th of January aged 69. My  article on this was the no. 1 article on the Christian Today website.

It also gave me a small opportunity to go on the BBC and speak about heaven.


Anglicans vote to suspend American Episcopal Church –  Much to the chagrin of the Western secular media, the Anglican communion has voted to suspend the Episcopal Church of the USA over its attitudes towards SSM.   Although it effectively suspends the Episcopal Church USA, it does so not because it has gone against Scripture, but because it has jumped the gun and acted unilaterally. The major unanswered question is whether the Anglican communion is prepared to act as a biblical church and bring biblical discipline to bear, not only on those who deny the bible’s teaching about marriage, but also on those who deny the bible’s teaching about God and Jesus. Having said that, this is a victory and a first step within the Anglican Communion, who wish to see their church restored to a more biblical perspective. We can only pray for and wish them well.
Read more: here and here

 Government plans to vet Church teaching – The government plans to vet Christian teaching are one of the biggest threats to religious freedom in 100 years. You can read about this here

Scottish Parliament rejects petition to make LGBT teaching compulsory – It was good to see that the Scottish Parliament turned down the petition to make  LGBT teaching complusory

Also in the news – A Scottish couple win £33 million on the lottery. Millions of Americans queue to pay tickets for a Powerball lottery which has a prize of $1 billion, despite having more chance of being struck by lightening four times than winning. As one person quipped ‘the lottery is a government tax on the stupid’.

If you have any news you think I should put in next weeks bulletin – feel free to do so. I will try and post a summary of the weeks news every Friday or Saturday.



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