Quantum 52

This week’s podcast has some predictions for 2016 covering Gender, the Rich Poor Divide, The Church in the West, Education,  Politics, Europe and the Media. You can get it on iTunes or you can listen or download from the Solas web site here.


Quantum 52



  1. A couple of comments:

    Gender: last week on BBC 2 Newsnight there was time devoted to discussion on gender by the presenter Emily Makepeace, a feminist and a gender expert (an MA) perhaps a self proclaimed exponent and practitioner of gender fluidity. I didn’t see the beginning so I don’t know how the person was introduced. I didn’t watch much. Well balance it was not. Evidently there’s a working party looking into gender and gender change. From what I can recall Feminist to gender fluid person You were born a girl. Answer I was born a baby. No doubt anyone looking for accuracy could watch it on BBCi player.

    Church: is a new reformation needed? New “protest..ants” From the business world it is recognised that the quickest way to change an organisation is to change its leadership.
    But it’s probably not as simple as that in mainline denominations. I recall from the The Keswick Convention a couple of years ago someone quoting a management consultant that an organisation’s “culture ate strategy for breakfast.”


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