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St Peters – Readings, Sermons and Top Songs from 2015

This is my years summary of our readings, sermons and songs from St Peters.
As a congregation we read systematically through books of the bible.  One OT reading and one NT reading in the morning, and one OT in the evening.  During 2015 in our congregational worship we completed the following books:
 Exodus,   1 Samuel ,  Micah, Luke, 2 Peter and Ephesians
We started 2 Samuel, Job and Romans
In terms of the preaching, the main series were as follows:
David on Isaiah 40-66
Sinclair on 1 Peter
A summer series on the Parables (various)
David on the Seven Churches in Revelation.
Dominic on 2 Corinthians.
David continued to do the Psalms for our monthly communions.
Plus there were various individual sermons – all available at St Peters Website 
Top Songs  These are the songs we sang most often in our public worship.
1) Jesus Paid it All
2) Praise to the Lord, the Almighty
3) Ps 62 (Keyes/Townend)
4) Come O Fount
5) Ps 23 (Townend)
6) 10,000 Reasons
7) I Stand Amazed
8)  Light of the World
9) O Love that Wilt not let me go
10) Saviour of the World
I think Jesus Paid it All was the great message for us in 2015…..hear it here

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