Could you forgive your son for murder? Eddie Mair interviews Terry Roberts

This is the most extraordinary radio interview of the year….Take a few minutes to listen to this and reflect upon forgiveness and the impact of the Gospel on communities….


  1. It is with some trepidation that some thoughts come mind as the interview speaks for itself and anything added can seem trite, especially as I’m unable to answer the question, not having a son.

    The relationships and responses between Amish and mother are as Christians. It will be difficult for non-believers (and perhaps some believers) to understand.

    Forgiveness is very costly, not cheap. It necessitated the death of the Son

    I, for one, am pleased that this life is not the only life that is.

    Setting aside Eddie Mair’s beliefs about heaven and hell, which are not known to me, he asked a quietly loaded question about the son’s eternal destiny which, intended or not, implied question about judgement, justice and what the son deserved based on his actions

    I know what I deserve. It necessitated the death of God the Son, nothing less, infinitely costly.


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