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Phone in on The Lords Prayer Ban – The Kaye Adams Show

Gordon MacRae of Humanist Society Scotland, David Robertson of Solas CPC and Sandy the militant secularist discuss the Lord’s Prayer advert on the Kay Adams programme broadcast on Monday.

This is a fascinating programme to listen for the reaction of the public, but if you’re short on time, click through to You Tube and click “SHOW MORE” in the information panel to find a list of short cut links to various points throughout the show.




  1. Great stuff. Looking forward to hearing this. You and Andrew Neil should form a double act. Alan Maxwell

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  2. David,
    This isn’t really about this post on your blog, but is connected. Have you picked up on this news article?
    Nicky Morgan is in trouble for an RS exam which doesn’t include non-religious beliefs (that’s a slightly inaccurate simplification). The interesting point is towards the end of the argument. The BHA objects to their humanism not being included as one of the worldviews that should be considered in RS. It’s interesting that humanists think their position is neutral and should control the whole curriculum in schools, while also saying it should be included among other worldviews in RS, views they would ban from controlling the curriculum.
    (I acknowledge that secularism and humanism are different, but leave you to work at the connections.)

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