The Lords Prayer Banned – This is Secular ‘Equality’

The  Digital Cinema Media Agency (who run Odeon, Cineword and Vue) have banned the above advert from showing in cinemas.  Their justification is revealing.

“some advertisements – unintentionally or otherwise – could cause offence to those of differing political persuasions, as well as to those of differing faiths and indeed of no faith,” and that “in this regard, DCM treats all political or religious beliefs equally”.

This is what ‘equality of religion’ means in secularist eyes.   We all get treated the same.  We all get excluded from the public square.  This is the secularist version of equality and diversity.

BBC Report on Banned Prayer

Footnote:  the NSS have just tweeted in response to us “Nice try! There is no ban on the Lords Prayer. We support the right of cinemas to decline religious/party political adverts.” The DCM have banned the C of E advert – the NSS tell us there is no ban (just the freedom to decline). It would be disappointing if a primary school pupil could not see the illogicality and dumbness of that remark! This shows the kind of Orwellian use of language that our militant secularists use. They want us all to be equal – which means we all get banned!



  1. Wow, just wow I would like to say but the more accustomed to “secular equality” I become the less astonished and surprised I get about this kind of consequence. Can you imagine a ban on some ideology, say feminism, to “those of differing political persuasions”.

    And yes did Jesus not talk of facing such discouragements in the beatitudes? So should this not be expected?

    The joy of the Lord is my strength.

  2. This should come as no surprise. On making request at my local Tesco Customer Service desk if they would oblige by putting up a flyer for the Scottish Reformed Conference . I was told that they did not handle “religious literature”. Ok , fair enough ! However, by October the isles began filling up with pre- Christmas objects and decorations to maximize their chances of pursuing profit in what could be described as a “Christian” celebration.
    To rub salt in my mildly irritating wound , Christmas was no sooner over than the store was displaying a considerable range of Easter eggs , with their bakery producing and advertising two or three types of hot cross bun . My similar request turned out similar treatment from my local Lidil. Such is the world !

  3. Yet those same cinemas will be showing endless adverts for Christmas presents and all the asociated frippery that goes with Christmas – which is a festival celebrated world wide by people of all faiths and people of no faith.

    Even Richard Dawkins admits to celebrating it!

    Er…. doesn’t Christmas have at least a vague connection with the Christiam faith? Or perhaps that is too offensive a suggestion.

  4. My old man, now in his 60s, mentioned this story in our church this morning, during the coffee break between services.

    He was almost at a loss for words, unable to express the contrast between the world in which he grew up (imperfect and fallen as it was) and the world of today that tries to shut down preaching of the Gospel.

    “The world’s gone mad”, he sighed.

    Any particular verses, or messages of hope, to pass onto my dad to lift up his spirits on this chilly Sunday afternoon? 🙂

    1. Just preaching on Isaiah 48 this morning. The Lord is on the throne. Just tell your old man that far more people are not likely to see the advert – that if it had been allowed in the cinema.

      1. Could I also suggest that Dawkin’s endorsement of the atheist bus campaign about there probably being no God now stop worrying and enjoy life and encouraging people to read the bible in order to refute it has resulted in the opposite effect for a number of people. It also got people talking about God. Remembering that in Oxford there was a bus campaign saying there probably is no Dawkins!

        So perhaps enjoy the irony?

        Also not forgetting that businesses will be financially driven and you know what is said about love of money and love of God.

        It may be crazy but it is reality?

  5. Thanks for expressing my exasperation David.
    15 yes ago Sir Cliff gave us his ‘millennium prayer’ setting thd Lord’s Prayer to Auld Lang Syne, which I think made it to No.1!! Clearly people weren’t too offended, except by Cliff’s rendition.

    1. Millennium prayer faced similar opposition. It had to be published under an Indy record label because EMI refused to. Critics hated it and most radio stations refused to play it. But it still made it to No.1

    1. Brilliant Mark – thanks. A wonderful example of atheist logic!

      Its not banned. Really. Does that mean that it is now allowed to be shown in Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas. No. Its been banned. Because it might upset people like you. Because the only people who find this offensive are the militant secularists and atheists. And not even all of them. The Muslim Council welcomes it. Richard Dawkins and Stephen Fry are also really stupid people who don’t realise it hasn’t been banned!

      What a wonderful example of how the new atheist fundamentalism is so full of irrationality and hatred that it can’t even grasp the basic principles of language and logic. Not being allowed to be shown = banned (at least in the real world⁄)….as I said thanks for the gift horse….

  6. I remember sitting through some dreadful political ads at the cinema during the Scottish Referendum.

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