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Creation Today – Battleship Apologetics – Pain and Suffering



Creation Today- Battleship Apologetics – Pain and Suffering ….This is an episode of this US show in which I discuss pain and suffering….enjoy….


  1. Wow – Eric Hovind! Are you going to join his “war against evolution and humanism”?

    David, you are a rational if misguided theist, please think carefully as to whether this sort of link will do more harm than good to your apologetics endeavours. Certainly it would seem to be ammunition against you with regards to supporting faith teaching in schools. One look at what Hovind would have taught in school science class would leave your usual defence in tatters.

    1. Jon,

      Just because I appear on a programme or a magazine does not mean I endorse it. For example I have written articles for gay magazines. Bottom line is that I am happy to speak the truth anywhere – provided I am not restricted or being used to promote an evil agenda….we were not discussing science but philosophy….

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