Quantum of Solas 41 – Jeremy Corbyn | Northern Ireland | Assisted Suicide defeated in UK Parliament | Time for Inclusion? | Dawkins and the Saudis

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Quantum 41


  1. If you think what TIE want is perverse and indoctrination then I think you really need to look at the history of Christian teaching in schools. Or indeed

    Look in the mirror. What do you see? If you see a man that you think is capable of kindness and fellowship with their fellow human beings you should really then ask your ears what they hear when you speak.

    Of course, you dont approve my comments here as you only really approve people who agree with you. That echo chamber you exist in, despite efforts to engage with you in a civilised manner, cannot be healthy for you.

    1. Douglas – just some facts to deal with your post.

      1) Yes I have looked at the history of Christian teaching in schools…in general it is an honourable one. Churches build schools, secular groups tend not to!

      2) Yes I often look in a mirror – and I see a sinful flawed human being.

      3) I often approve ‘negative’ comments as any glance through here will demonstrate. Strange how obvious empirical facts still don’e seem to work with those who are determined not to see them!

      1. That was kind of prick with a needle test to see if you actually respond to people who try to be constructively critical. My post there was more of the polar opposite to where you are to see if that got a response and it did. My empirical data shows I have a number of unacknowledged comments on your blog. All, I hope, were civil. Some were sympathetic in places. In others I offered an alternative point of view in an effort to constructively challenge your viewpoint. All were ignored but the nastier one got through. How is that for a telling piece of evidence?

        I dont think there are many people who are actually flawed. There are those who should lead better lives and there are others that could lead better lives. I will leave the sin part to you as I believe in evolution which means there was no Adam which means there was no original sin to be inherited.

      2. Not really Douglas…I get hundreds of posts and can’t post them all…plus I have a massive backlog and I am sure yours are there somewhere. One kind of hopes they are a wee bit more constructive. I realise that you have faith that people are not flawed….on the other hand I have evidence that everyone is – including me. And of course your faith tells you that there is no such thing as sin. My eyes, mind, heart and all the evidence says there is. But then its impossible to argue against doctrinaire faith isn’t it?

  2. Luke 6:26New International Version (NIV)

    “Woe to you when everyone speaks
    well of you,
    r that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets.”

    There are plenty of “false prophets” around today, many of them in the church. They tell the people what they want to hear, even if it means compromising the message. The Pope is a classic example. He is clearly a delightful, caring man and a deep humanitarian. But his very popularity worries me – if he was preaching biblical truth then many would hate and despise him because “their deeds are evil”. (John 3, 19).

    Christ said many hard things – they actually outnumber his gentle words – and because of this he was hated and rejected by many. Unfortunately his “hard” sayings are rarely preached on these days, they get censored out to avoid “putting people off church”.

    Christian teachers today who seek popularity will never speak truth to this generation. Those who do speak biblical truth will generate a strong negative reaction – that is how you can recognise them!

    David, with all his (admitted) flaws is, IMHO, one such person.

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