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Quantum of Solas 38 – Cecil the Lion | Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal | Hillary and Trump | China Crisis? | Solas Magazine | Great British Bake Off.

Quantum of Solas 38 – Cecil the Lion | Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal | Hillary and Trump | China Crisis? | Solas Magazine | Great British Bake Off.

Economics, Politics, Ecology, Music, Ethics, Publishing and Baking – and all in 17 minutes…enjoy…


  1. Hello David,

    Some interesting comments there. I’m coming at this in the light of your other post with concerns you had express there about engagement with the media and in what I hope will be a reasonable attempt t the balance between “the truth will set you free” and compassion, practicing the presence of Christ.

    In the first comment about Cecil the lion – and the Dentist who is now in hiding, you mentioned that you have no empathy and not sympathy for him. I understand this natural reaction, it was mine too when I first hear this story come out. I would go further and say that in the natural I experienced hatred for him. Now emotions have settled down I feel sad for him. I think of Jesus weeping over Jerusalem.

    You steered the conversation away from this to (if i understand you correctly) would argue being more important – the average life expectancy in Zimbabwe being 53. Well, there’s not a lot we can do about that with not living in the same country other than pray (which is powerful). What we can do something about is where this kind of life expectancy is in our own cities. Did you know that if you live in the area of Glasgow I live in and you are male, you life expectancy is 54? Live in Bearsden and it is 85? However I’m not saying love me love me I am poor – the sense of solidarity here, banter and friendliness I know to be second to none.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane with 10cc’s “Wall Street Shuffle” :). With what you say about Christianity in the states supporting Trump and what I am led to believe of many leaving the “institutionalised” church there my mind goes to Neitzche. His famous quote “God is dead”. What I understand by that is that he was saying that both the world and church is acting as if God is dead. I’ lead to understand that in his time, the period of the Enlightenment with high optimism in human endeavour, he predicted something much worse than the wars over church dogma that had gone previously. This appears to have come to fruition with the two world wars. Dawkins is on record as having stated that they both had nothing to do with religion. Takes mind back to what you talked about with the subject can we be good without God with you rightly concluding that if you take ways God what you have is hell on earth.

    I could go on to comment on the transgender and abortion issues but this is already turning into a long comment and I know how you don’t’ like those!

    What I will close with is how this installment came across as a scene from Dad’s Army in “we’re doomed” (kidding). Seriously though as popular as Derrider is with his deconstruction theories taking such approach (as you have) in being critical of others is akin to the judgement made by God in having destroyed the tower of Babel and created confusion among humanity by making everyone speak different languages. If that is all we re left with, inevitably that leads to a nihilistic world view.

    What we need is the hope of the Gospel, that there is purpose in our lives that you are not just a random blob of carbon, but you are loved, cherished and that there is a plan for your life for it to be the fullest with all the joy beauty creativity and overwhelming awe afforded by the all benevolent powerful and loving God. And, a share of glory with Christ in the life to come if you so choose.

    God Bless


  2. Dear David,
    I must admit that I listen to any debate that you are involved with and I love your style when debating atheist. However, this episode of the podcast is absolute wincingly painful drivel that misinterprets and misleads. I am talking about, primarily, the bit about Donald Trump. You obviously have been listening to too much mainstream, liberal, femi-nazi media coverage. Before you talk about Trump next time, I encourage you to read his comments in context and also try to get rid of your virulent and daft political correctness that is offended by the truth.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth – its quite amusing for me to be accused of political correctness! Take a deep breath and reconsider. I read and listen to many different media from all sides – and to Mr Trump himself. So I would be grateful if you could tell me which part of what I said was wrong! Happy to apologise….do you deny he makes much of his money from gambling?

      1. I could accuse you of many things David (as I am sure you could of me) but you being unduly influenced by feminism wouldn’t be one of them.

        I would perhaps say though that a balance being struck between love and compassion with “truth” might address concerns about “painful drivel.

        Don’t hate me, it’s just a suggestion.

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