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Interview on BBC2 Scotland re Tim Farron and Journalistic Bias

And some feedback sent in to the Free Church offices:

Congratulations to David Robertson on his stance on TV last night,I am not a religions person nor a Liberal but the way he reacted to Ms Smith and Penny Taylor was worth seeing,far to many times the Press and TV presenters get away with twisting things has gone on far to long.I doubt very much if you Mr Robertson will be invited to appear on BBC again,looking at it again Penny Taylor did not look very comfortable at the very end.


  1. Thanks for speaking out on this, David. I, too, have been appalled at the way Tim Farron has been ungraciously grilled over his Christian beliefs. The issue here for me is the one-sidedness of it – you never hear a Muslim MP being questioned on how their Islamic beliefs contradict the norms of gay marriage etc. Or have particular verses of the Koran thrown at them and asked to defend them. That might offend them. But it’s apparent that the rules are completely different when it comes to Christians, especially evangelical Christians.
    I honestly question how long Tim Farron will last in his post as leader of the Lib Dems. Not because of his leadership abilities, but purely because he’s a committed Christian. In this terribly political correct arena in which the West lives, I think it will be seen as utterly unacceptable for a Party leader to have evangelical views. The Press, secularists, and MPs within his own party are likely to rise against him. Either he’ll have to compromise his beliefs very significantly, or he’ll be gone within months. I genuinely hope I’m wrong.

  2. I’ve purposely let time pass before commenting.

    I think the presence you had there David was great with the strength you showed in defending Christian freedom. It is increasingly apparent that in the present climate it is insufficient to be nice and a need for proper employment of the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God. I echo what To expresses about the grilling Tim Farron has experienced over his Christian beliefs and the “shocking” revelation that Christian might pray. What Tim mentioned sadly is a relevant concern. If our society doesn’t like Christians just because of being Christian then it is in trouble and goes against it’s own equality law.

    There were a couple of points of contention in the clip that I picked up. Firstly the assumed objectivity of the journalist and the alleged “defensive” that David was being.

    David rightly called out beliefs about being blobs of carbon and Mohammed on a carpet and challenged both the interviewer and the journalist to be as cognisant of these highlighting the bias that can and does occur. Minority groups (which Christianity is increasingly becoming and has become in the UK) throughout history have known what persecution is and it is well known that this comes as part and parcel of being a follower of Jesus.Thankfully Christ’s provision is more than sufficient for anything that comes along.

    I wish you well David in the courageous endeavours you are undertaking in the media in the strength of the Lord and for his glory

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