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Post Assembly Blues – is the C of S Apostate? – Quantum of Solas 31

I listened to the final session of the Church of Scotland general Assembly as I cycled to the Solas office….it so depressed me that the result is this Quantum of Solas.  If it makes you uncomfortable bear in mind that it made me that way too….the question is, is it true?  I suspect not everyone will agree but I believe that a rubicon has been crossed and its time for the Lords people to act.  Anyway have a listen and let us know what you think – and pray for the Church in Scotland

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  1. Your passion and unique communication skills give us strength and unity.
    It is unbelievable to realize that so many are actually buying and selling the lie.

  2. I’m sorry but the start of the programme indicated that this was not to be about church politics, but then David you talked of the CofS being “apostate” because you “care”. That’s when I stopped listening.

    I am not convinced that this is preaching the gospel and not about church politics, just as politicians engage in negative campaigning in the run up to an election. If that makes me apostate and arrogant in your eyes David then so be it however that would not be how I perceive myself.

    You had a standing ovation as moderator at the Free church General Assembly – good for you. I am not convinced the way that went indicates the Free Church is without the division and tribalism in it that you have spoken of that you hope no longer exists and that we are not seeing a culture of tribalism manifest in the way you speak of the CofS in your clip. I don’t understand why this is not your focus and why if the CofS is as apostate as you claim it to be that you don’t just abandon it, just as God let Israel reap the consequences of its apostasy with exile in Babylon. I do hope that you will give this biblical precedent your thought and consider your position.

    I found it difficult to read the abusive comments made towards you recently and to read your comments that you admit to that were “crass” and “stupid” as well. Obviously we can’t determine how others engage with us but we do have a responsibility with ow we engage with others for the sake of the gospel. It does nothing for the gospel for us to be stupid crass tribal and have division, the fruits of the flesh. If we preach about repentance and then fail to practice it ourselves then we re guilty of unrepentant, we bring judgement on ourselves and it is left to others and / or God to point that out.

    So I’m sorry, I am tired too, I am going to give myself some rest. May I suggest that you do the same. On cannot function as one’s best when depressed and tired as you say. The eye is the lamp of the body, if your eye is sound your body will be full of light, if unsound it will be full of darkness. If the only light in you is darkness than the darkness will be very great (Matt 6:22-23).

    1. I think it is a very good idea for you to take a rest from posting on my blog…I would suggest starting your own! I don’t mind people commenting but it does become tiresome if the same thing is said ad nauseum. Yes – calling a church apostate is not about church politics, it is about the gospel. Moving away from the Word of God is a very serious charge – that is why I make it with a heavy heart. And I am not heading for an election campaign and don’t care two hoots about church politics. I won’t abandon the C of S because there are still many believers in it and I hope that God will rescue it – but I am not prepared to let it just slink quietly down the road to perdition! Enjoy your rest…

      1. Maybe I will consider posting my own. I am glad you have mentioend it becomes tiresome if the same thing is said and nauseum – so you will know how many others feel.

        There is of course such a thing as demolishing arguments and pretenses that set themselves up against the knowledge of God, we hold every thought captive and make it obedient to Jesus. However there is no point in stupid arguments that just end up in quarrels or appealing for repentance and being unrepentant.

        It is your opinion that calling a church apostate is preaching the gospel, not about church politics. Truth is established by fact not opinion and any teaching could be true or false. I am glad you do take it seriously and with “a heavy heart” to say that this is what is happening with the CofS. Whether you doing do is a symptom of a fruit of the flesh causing division and factions or whether it is an appropriate contextualisation of the gospel is not something I am going to express an opinion about. Of course you will realise that if you are right, it represents the best of teaching and your reward is an heaven for the insults you receive because of Christ. On the other hand if you are wrong and unrepentant than you will be judged as a teacher with greater strictness.

        I don’t envy your position.

        I’m sorry David – I see things differently to you and hope none of your readers will act precipitately on hearing your passionate summation as I believe God acting in scripture by way of caring can be interpreted appropriately with regard to his approach to Israel and to the actions you are taking differently to how you espouse. Even though you disagree, I hope you still would be open to listening about that.

        Thank you for your well wishes with my rest. May you find joy where now you experience depression and refreshment were you now experience tiredness.

  3. I have just quickly re-read 2Peter, especially ch.2.

    I remember listening to Dick Lucas preach on this at Keswick (about 45 years ago – but I stll have the notes) and being rather mystified as to the significance of the letter. Where in this age were all these false teachers that Peter was talking about? I never seemed to come across them so how did all this apply today. How naive I was!

    Truely St. Peter was far more outspoken on false teachers than anything David has said or written, as was St. Paul (Gal 1,8). But perhaps he was just indulging in church politics!

    I wonder how the twitterati or the blogosphere would have responded had Peter’s letter been blogged today?

  4. Goodness. You do sound vexed. Pretty sure the Bible can help:

    “As for the one who is weak in faith, welcome him, but not to quarrel over opinions.”

    1. Thanks Douglas – always happy to take advice from the bible from those who don’t yet believe it! I pray one day you really will..

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