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Quantum of Solas 30 – A Special on Assisted Suicide


You can hear this excellent discussion on the assisted suicide bill here – this is an important issue – please feel free to pass on this resource.


  1. I appreciate the resource and the valuing of the sanctity of life that is behind the opportunity you are affording to contact MSPs with opposition to the assisted suicide bill.

    I passionately uphold the sanctity of life and this applied to the matter of euthanasia as in all other matters to do with life. Perhaps there would have been a time where I gladly would have petitioned my MSP as you encourage, however in all conscience, that is something I cannot do and here’s why.

    My father died 5 years ago. The last couple of years of his life after suffering a stroke were arduous. He was incapable of speaking in any way that was comprehensible, was confined either to bed or sitting in a chair and suffered the indignity of having to be taken to the bathroom by others. It was long, drawn out and traumatic both for him and for the family to see this intelligent, active inspirational, fun and highly regarded in society man reduced to this shadow.

    In this pain suffering and humiliation there were moments of peace, and I was closer to my father at these times than ever before. For me the sanctity of life came to the fore at these times.

    However, I know that for a long tie he was ready to go. My mother was able to communicate with him in non-verbal ways that I wasn’t that indicated he wanted her to help him with that. Eventually he saw that to himself by not eating. My mother exhausted with caring for my father, herself went ill and while grieving for my father’s death care was also needed for my mother’s health while at the time I was grieving. It’s taken years for her to recover.

    So while as I say selfishly I passionately uphold the sanctity of life for the sake of the peace and closeness I had with my father at the end of his life, I also have to consider the Christian values of honouring parents, including honouring parents wishes. I know it would have been both my father and mother’s preference for euthanasia to be an option, and this coming from a place of love and utmost dedication to each other.

    So, do I have the “right” to impose any view I have about the sanctity of life on others. In all consciousness I think no. I think that is a valid Christian way of engaging. Respectively therefore, I won’t be petitioning my MSP to oppose the assisted suicide bill. I would like please, for my decision ans position on this to be respected.

    I respect anyone who thinks differently regarding the sensitive and heart-wrenching issue and affirm any right to petition as conscience determines.

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