Free Church General Assembly – Monday

i am writing this as a kind of personal journal, not a full account of what happens.  You get get that on the Free Church website and through the live stream. 

Tonight I waited in the wee office upstairs in St C’s as the retiring Moderator opened the Assembly with prayer and a sermon.  Then James Fraser proposed me.  All I could hear was the singing of the psalms which was actually moving.  Reminding me that we are here to worship God, not engage in church politics.  

Whatever James said worked because I was then met by former Moderators and  taken into the Assembly.  Elaine Duncan of the Scottish Bible Society gave me a lovely NIV bible.  I welcomed the new members of the Assembly – including several who have come from the C of S.  It’s all part of the changing face of the Free Church.  It was great to have my family there as well.  We had a wee bit of other business to do. It is all quite formal but I think will lighten up. 

then we went to the City Chambers  for the Moderators reception. I was not looking forward to it, but it went well. The venue was superb, the finger buffet fine and the fellowship sweet!  Hugh Henderson (elder St Petes) spoke well (in his jeans!), Paul Rees from Charloote Chapel was encouraging, and David Meredith spoke with his usual clarity and vision of the future of the Free Church.  His warning against pride was apposite.  

now I am back in the hotel room thinking about tomorrow. I hope the Assembly will be encouraging and lively. 

Earlier in the day I bumped into some C of S ministers in a cafe who were warm in their greeting!  I really felt for these brothers who are experiencing a nightmare.  They have been sold out, not just by the liberals but by some of their fellow evangelicals.  And for what?  A desire to be more popular and relevant in the modern world?  Well it hasn’t worked.  I have just been sitting watching a half hour Scottish news program. Not a single mention of the C of S GA!  not a mention!  

Anyway off to prepare an address for the Queen.  If she would read it I might take it more seriously. But it is a good tradition and we will do our respectful best! See you tomorrow v

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  1. David, take encouragement that God is stirring up the church. I know it is not in the way we would choose, but God will have his way in the church (e.g. CoS) even if it means breaking it first so as to make it stronger. Enjoy the challenge of being moderator of the free church. Keep speaking out!

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