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Quantum of Solas 20 – The One with Selma, Martin Luther Playmobile, Feedback, Private Faith and Public Policy, Joey Barton

Here is our latest podcast – Selma | Martin Luther Playmobil figure | Tax evasion | Listener Feedback: Why critique churches? | Question of Faith: Should private faith be allowed to influence public policy? | Joey Barton.



  1. The podcasts are good, David, but you need to drop the music. I know some of it is meant to be witty but the podcast is too short to have the conversation continually interrupted by bursts of music. Trying to hear the conversation over the music is also very distracting.

    Please stop!

    1. Hi William, thanks for the feedback…I will pass it on to the producer. Others have said they love the music precisely because it breaks up the conversation and enables us to have a lot more short items…but we will have a think about it. As far as I know we try not to have the music playing at the same time as the words…

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