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Stephen Fry’s God – A Video Response to his RTE interview

As always your thoughts are appreciated….apologies for the quality of the sound and the somewhat weary look in my eyes!

And here is the link to the written response: https://theweeflea.wordpress.com/2015/02/06/letter-to-stephen-fry-youve-created-a-straw-god/


  1. An excellent reply to Stephen Fry’s interview . I do hope that he will be prepared to have reasoned discussion with you , David.

  2. David, of course, you don’t know if he’s created a Straw God. It’s entirely possible that he has described someone’s god perfectly, and you and he both agree it doesn’t exist.
    And, it’s entirely possible you believe in a Straw God, as every other theist.
    After all, God doesn’t exist, David. You know this, but you’d prefer to make money the easy way.

    1. Brent – I do know he has created a straw God – because he claims to be arguing against the Christian view of God…and he doesn’t….he just makes up his own…amused that you think I believe in God because it makes me money…you clearly have no idea of what a Free Church minister gets paid!

    2. Yes it is entirely possible that Stephen Fry has described someone’s god perfectly and that David Robertson and he agree he doesn’t exist. Who would be deluded enough to think that such an evil god would exist that would create bone diseases and works that burrow into the eyes of children and what masochist and evil person would worship such a god?

      Russel Brand’s response is interesting with him believing in God and the duty within each one of us to address the evil within.

      I doubt if many theists with a belief of God or Allah of the bible or the koran to be the god that Fry describes. It is interesting when an atheist with a lack of belief in gods is ready and enthusiastic to assign the worst evil to any god or religion.

      As for whether God exists or not well, humanity hasn’t come to a definitive conclusion about through thousands of years of discussion, debate and adversarial polemics. It’s stupid to argue the toss over that.

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