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Charlie Hebdo Massacre – Letter in the Herald – 9th Jan 2015

The following letter appeared in The Herald after a disgraceful article by Robbie Dinwoodie which sought to blame all religions and religious people for the Paris massacres. It is this kind of ignorance, cowardice and prejudice which demonstrates why atheistic secularism just cannot stand up to militant Islam.

I am disappointed that you chose not to publish the cartoons which were the reason for the Paris massacre and instead published a column by Robbie Dinwoodie which chose to equate those who oppose euthanasia and have faith in God with those who shot the journalists and cartoonists in Paris (“Nostrums from past and present to reject”, The Herald, January 8).

His equation of the Paris murderers with the Church of Scotland 500 years ago is at best tenous, his linking the murderers with Christian people in Scotland today illogical and shallow. To use the death of 10 people to vent one’s own anti-religious prejudice the day after the event happened, is in my view poor journalism which ironically does nothing but help the terrorists who abuse and misuse religion.

If, in the upcoming euthanasia debate those of us who disagree with Mr Dinwoodie’s viewpoint are to be linked directly or indirectly with Islamic terrorists, then I fear for the future of democracy in Scotland.

David Robertson,
Solas CPC,
Swan House,
2 Explorer Road,
Technology Park,

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