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Atheist Indoctrination of Children? – Letter in The Herald – 3rd Jan 2015

The following letter appeared in The Herald today (Saturday 3rd Jan)…It was in answer to an ‘article’ by Shona Craven which was a mocking attack on the role of Christianity in education. These attacks are becoming more and more frequent as the hard line anti-Christian secularists are doing their best to ensure that Christianity is removed from all areas of Scottish public life. Here is my reply….

SHONA Craven condemns the indoctrination of children (Herald – 2nd Jan), but fails to see that she is supporting precisely that.

Her utopian fantasy vision of a modern Scotland where “enlightened Scots are leading moral, purposeful lives free from religious superstition”‘ is exactly the kind of attitude that results in the “enlightened” seeking to indoctrinate those in darkness.

After all, if it is so obvious that the principles of secular humanism equals “The Light”, then the only reason that people do not adopt them must be because they are either ignorant or evil. If the latter then they should be dealt with by the full force of the law, if the former then we need to use the schools to “educate” children out of religious ‘superstition’ and into the Brave New World of the Enlightened .

It is sad that our education system has so declined that this position can be put forth as a liberal and tolerant one, when it has at its heart the seeds of the most intolerant and illiberal view of society.

The reason some of us want the Christian ethos and tradition of freedom, tolerance and principled pluralism to remain the value basis of Scottish education is precisely to combat this kind of Utopian atheistic doctrine.

If atheists wish to indoctrinate children in their “enlightened” principles, let them do so. All that we are asking is that those of us who do not accept these doctrines are allowed to have our children educated according to the traditional Scottish Christian values,.

David Robertson, Solas


  1. This is one of the best descriptions of an ICU drug induced trauma that I’ve ever read, thank you. So few people realise the tremendous power over our brains that these substances hold. Bad enough in a therapeutic setting but far worse if induced by recreational use. Your description should be required reading for every young person in their anti drug abuse education. Hope you are feeling better now. Have a happy holiday.

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