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The Janet Parshall Show – The Faith of our Families

Here is my latest discussion with Janet Parshall – looking at the question of atheism in our families….I hope it is helpful…the vox pop clips are amazing….

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  1. Virgin myths all bluster eh? When was the last time you saw or heard of a virgin birth? I agree about the zeitgeist Wikipedia nonsense. One of my favourite reads is ‘Amusing Ourselves To Death’ by Neil Postman. Which warns us of the lazy acceptance of being drowned by easily accessible trivia. But also a great read is ‘ Spoilt Rotten, The Toxic Cult Of Sentimentality’ by Theodore Dalrymple. Sentimentality being a by product of constant trivial information. But this ‘sentimentality’ is firmly entrenched in the Evangelical Christian approach too. Which I think tries to appeal to the television classes. Evangelical Christianity=Sentimentality=Hollywood/Disney=Zeitgeist.

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