McCarthyite Secularism – Letter in The Herald

The Scottish Secular Societies campaign to get Christianity out of schools has been exposed and they are not happy. They tried to invent some kind of conspiracy theory whereby myself, Alaister Noble and Ken Cunningham have been colluding together and accused me of preaching several sermons against them at Ken’s church. I preached once and as far as I can recall mentioned SSS only once. My answer to their accusations was published in todays Herald – and of course it resulted in the usual abuse, mockery and paranoia. Having lost the ‘creationist scare’ argument they have now clearly lost the plot. Anyway here is the letter.

SPENCER Fildes of the Scottish Secular Society (SSS) is “aghast at the news that Mr Robertson has publicly targeted our society in sermons at Mr [Ken] Cunningham’s Cartsbridge Church” (“Banning creationism lessons is dangerous, warn headteachers”, The Herald, November 21). Let me calm his gast and reassure him that I have not publicly targeted Secular Scotland in sermons at Cartsbridge Church, nor am I in a conspiracy with Ken Cunningham, General Secretary of School Leaders Scotland, to promote creationism. This would be difficult given that I am not a young earth creationist, I have only spoken once at Cartsbridge Church (amongst the many churches I speak at); the subject was the church in Scotland today and not the tiny SSS, and I do not know Ken Cunningham and don’t think I have ever met him, unless it was to shake his hand at the door.
I’m afraid that the SSS is once again showing its anti-religous paranoia when it promotes this kind of conspiracy theory. SSS’s paranoia was further demonstrated when it posted on its Facebook page the “religious affiliation” of the MSPs on the Parliamentary committee discussing their petition, implying that religious people could not give the petition a fair hearing. This McCarthyite tendency to see “Christians under the bed” everywhere is quite concerning.

David Robertson, Solas CPC, Swan House, 2 Explorer Road, Technology Park, Dundee.

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