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Quantum of Solas 9 – the one with Abortion, The Church in the UK, Hillsong and Homosexuality, and more Leonard Cohen

Here is our latest podcast – why not subscribe? This week we look at Ruth Gledhill’s thoughts on why the church in the UK is declining, Ann Furedi’s extreme views on abortion, Brian Houston and Hillsong on homosexuality, KaleidoScot and LGBTI rights, and a beautiful song from Leonard Cohen!


  1. Rev777 ‏@reville1979
    @theweeflea You only favour xtianity because raised Xtian. If you’d been born in Saudia you’ favour Islam with same conviction.

    David Robertson ‏@theweeflea
    @reville1979 Actually being raised Christian did not make me favour Christianity! I read and think for myself….try it!

    Rev777 ‏@reville1979
    @theweeflea Ate you saying that if you had been born in Saudia you’d still have chosen xtianity?

    David Robertson
    @reville1979 I hope so. Would you have chosen atheism?!

  2. David, I could not help but read with interest your interaction above with the atheist reville1979 on Twitter.

    A good friend and Minister of a Church in Scotland described you as an “enigma” recently, and from there I have been drawn with interest at your blog posts and interaction with others via Twitter in the hope of getting to the bottom of your theology and the reason for your errors, especially in your very public proclamation that the pope is your Brother in Christ.

    I believe this interaction above gives me the answer I have been looking for.

    It looks like you have merely chosen Christianity because it makes sense right?

    From your interaction above it looks like you have merely become a Christian through some mental ascent, not because the sovereign Lord of the universe has done a work in you,by the doctrine and work of regeneration.

    Otherwise you would not have answered his last question above on whether you would have been a Christian if you were born into a Muslim family, with “I hope so”

    God knows those who are His and no one becomes a Christian unless they are drawn by God. John 6:44.

    And all that the Father gives to Jesus Christ will come to Him (regardless of what part of the world they live in) and He will lose none. John 6:37-40

    With respect

    dale (ex Roman Catholic, now Christian)

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