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Why Evangelical Tribalism Harms the Gospel

“My fear is that the decline of denominations, and the commercialisation of Christianity and the emergence of celebrity personality culture, have resulted in an increased atomisation of the evangelical world.”

This morning I woke up to a barrage of tweets and retweets from the US…of which one example – “Thank you for including @theweeflea in the tweet. He’s a prime example of unrelenting unrepentance despite loving calls for it.” Why Americans are tweeting one another telling each other not to go to St Peters is quite a puzzle! Anyway I had written this column before on the dangers of tribalism within the evangelical world.



  1. Of course the reason you are getting so much attention from across the pond Mr flea is because they smell a rat, but of course you know that right ?

    You know, because you have been corrected more than once about your faulty view of the pope ( or any pope) being your “Brother in Christ”

    Let me remind you once again, the pope is called “Holy Father” the name of God from John 17.
    Also “Vicar of Christ” in place of Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit.
    And finally every Roman Catholic priest is ordained “Another Christ” which applies to every pope.

    Therefore the popes are usurping all three titles of the Godhead for themselves, if they are your Brother, what does that say about your faith Mr flea ?

    I ask with all sincerity, if so many godly men are correcting you, should you not stop and think the unthinkable that you may actually be wrong on this one ?

    Or is there some other reason, some other agenda why you are stiffening your neck on this issue ?



    1. Dale- let me tell you why. Because I don’t pay any attention to what self appointed ‘godly’ men say – especially when they are led by a hypocrite who goes round suing his own congregation for $500,000! And I don’t particularly pay much attention to people who are rude and ignorant.

      1. David, you can try and label me rude and ignorant, but using words like that as a pejorative only bolster what I am saying.

        The Us Brothers are far from perfect, but I know you have been rebuked for your erroneous view of the RCC by sincere godly men in Scotland and you, so far, have refused to hear what they say.

        Proverbs 29:1 He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck, Will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

  2. Your article targets one of the most pressing problems in the world, let alone the Church. The examples of tribalism are good but I think we also need a definition that helps illustrate the dangers of tribalism. Since tribalism always involves a high degree of loyalty to a group, I thought the following definition would be most appropriate especially to us Christians.

    Tribalism – is when loyalty to a group trumps commitment to principles and morals so that right and wrong is determined by who does what to whom.

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