The Hundred-Foot Journey – The ‘Masterchef’ film.

This was a good evening’s entertainment but I won’t be buying the DVD. The story is of an Indian family who set up an Indian restaurant in a French village, just across the road from a Michelin starred French Restaurant, run by Madame Mallory (wonderfully played by Helen Mirren). The film is beautifully shot (especially the food!), it is warm, gentle and a real feel-good film. The plot line is predictable from the beginnning, and the character development non-existent. If you like your films like your food, rich, deep and subtle, this is not the film for you. On the other hand if you are hungry for a bit of quick entertainment mixed in with a dash of homespun Oprah Winfrey philosophy and a smattering of Spielberg direction, then this would be perfect for you.

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