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A difficult and hard sermon – Psalm 58 – The Righteous Dip Their Feet in the Blood of the Wicked? Do not Destroy!

Last Monday I woke up in a cold sweat knowing that I was going to have to prepare a sermon on Psalm 58. I was not looking forward to it…as for me it is one of the ‘hard’ and most difficult passages of Scripture. What does it mean “the righteous will be glad when they dip their feet in the blood of the wicked”? My desire was to be faithful to the text and to apply it to todays world. And to do so in the context of a communion service -which this was. Anyway I really got into studying it and instead of finding it a ‘dispensable’ psalm, I found it to be indispensable. I don’t normally share my sermons on here but after preaching it on Sunday evening I was asked to share it. Someone said it really helped them understand what was happening in the world today…I hope you benefit as much from this Psalm as I did in studying it…

Just click on the sermon for the evening of August 31st – Psalm 58


  1. Thanks very much, David, I will look forward to hearing this. Do you have a sermon audio feed for your church?

    Many thanks,

    Alan Maxwell

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  2. How difficult is it to say “the people who wrote this were superstitious men and lived on the edge of life and death; they were violent, and they made violent Gods?
    The only difficulty is trying to twist the meaning to jive with your modern, evolved God.

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