The Wise Woman’s Guide to Gaza and Israel

This is my latest article on Christian Today – its’ kind of an ‘Idiots Guide to Gaza”.


You can also get the podcast on which this is based here –



  1. David, your wife is indeed wise to come to the conclusion she has with not knowing a solution or claiming to know a solution to the problems in Gaza.

    I agree with you about this being “a human situation” and I applaud your appeal for peace, proclaiming and living good news, aid and support as well as weapons and supplying hate merchants with ammunition.

    What I would caution against at the same time is coming down on the side of Israel and not being equally critical of Israel and the west’s support against Palestinians in Gaza.

    One minor point. Anti Judaism affects Jews. Anti-semitism affects Muslims as well as Jews being that it refers to the people of that area independently of their religious affiliation. You can be Muslim and be semitic.

    As one gunman in the states got confused in the states about race it can literally be a matter of life and death to get mixed up between ethnicity and religion, as this clip shows!

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