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All One In Christ – Is Keswick a key to revival in the UK today?

I enjoyed being at the Keswick convention this summer – it was and was not what I expected. In my latest article for Christian Today I try to reflect honestly on what a renewed Keswick might mean for the church in the UK today….your thoughts would be appreciated…


You can get the original lecture here – http://theweeflea.wordpress.com/2014/08/02/the-apologetic-of-evil-the-keswick-lecture-16th-july-2014/

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  1. I’m glad for you David that you have such a positive experience from the Keswick convention. What you say about a third week being added certainly does give testimony to if not its relevance, its popularity. I hope it is true that for many there will be “in God’s grace you will receive renewal, stimulation and fellowship with the Triune God and His people” as you claim for any attending.

    I wish my experience had been as fulfilling. I have only been once. I found myself pounced on once or twice by stall holders promoting their particular cause with little interest in where I was coming fro which left me feeling like fodder for whatever they were promoting.

    i went to a meeting in a big tent and found myself surrounded by people where the demographic was absent of males within the ages of approximately 20 to 50. I found the talk uninspiring and the pressure to confess to having “issues” to which there would be people to pray for me about. The last thing I would have chose to do would be to approach someone for prayer whether I had “issues” or not.

    The best connection I had with God was by way of being alone with a friend, sitting next to a tree and taking in the awe of the beautiful creation overlooking lake Derwent.

    I don’t wish my experience to put anyone off going to Keswisk and I support anyone for whom Keswick is renewing, stimulating and fellowship with God and his people as you claim describe David. Perhaps I have had an issue with Christian culture having not been raised in that, perhaps I was not in a good place with God, perhaps I was experiencing a Godly abhorrence for luke-warmness in the church. Perhaps all of them, perhaps none of them, but my experience of Keswick didn’t do it for me.

    On the other hand I would comment some of the events organise by Christian Men Together – mens talks, means breakfasts etc. On such occasions I have experienced what you describe with fellowship etc and also with a Christian meditation group I go to where I find any similarly minded in Christ.

    Like many people I am finding that perhaps mainstream Christian culture is not for me – and I’m OK with that. It seems to me that Christ had many issues with so called God’s people too!

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