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Boyhood – a film of genius

Just returned from seeing this lengthy film at the DCA. It is a work of genius! I have no idea how Richard Linklater was able to bankroll something which took him at least twelve years to make. He takes a group of actors and comes back each year to film them at another stage of the film. As a result the young boy (played by a six year old Ellar Coltrane) grows into an 18 year old young man (played by an 18 year old Ellar Coltrane)…likewise with the other characters. And that is basically the plot. If action movies, weird plots etc are your thing, this is not the film for you. On the other hand if you are interested in brilliant film making, cinematography, great music and above all humanity this is your film. Even at two hours 40 minutes!

It evoked a whole range of emotions in me. Anger, love, frustration, pity, joy, tears..
When the teenage boy meets his fathers new in laws and they give him a bible, and then take him to church, I wanted to shout – thats what you need to make sense of this meaningless life. When his mother at the end of the film broke down at him leaving for college and wondered why life was so meaningless, when he himself asked ‘what is the point?’, I kept thinking read Ecclesiastes. The desire to be free and outwith the control of others I could totally empathise and I kept thinking ‘know the truth and the truth will set you free’.

A totally brilliant film. Please be aware it is a ’15’ – but then so is much of real life and this is one of the most real life films I have ever seen.

“Boyhood is an act of communion, lovely and enriching and ultimately sublime” VAnity Fair

“An achievement of a lifetime” – The Daily Telegraph.

“There is hardly a better or more noble thing a film can do than inspire love…. I love this film more than I can say” – The Guardian

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  1. Sounds wonderful! I’m inspired to check this out thanks to your post!

    Appreciate you mentioning thank you 🙂

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