Equipped to Serve

ImageThis is a superb book, that does exactly what the title promises! It equips you to serve. I have read this over the past few weeks, one short chapter at a time, as part of my devotional reading. Every chapter has managed to be stimulating, edifying, practical and Christ-centred. Some may think it is a bit ‘bitty’ but I have enjoyed every page. Richard covers a wide range of subjects, from reading the Bible in public to ‘Standing in the Gap’. I hope that everyone in my church gets this book – it would make an ideal training book for small groups. I leave you with one quote “John Chrysostom, of Constantinople, said that just as a beautiful coat only look its best when worn on a body, so the Scriptures – even though wonderful when proclaimed in public – are far more stupendous when they are being lived out by the people who hear them!” (p.213). Tolle, Lege…Buy it. Read it..this book will refresh your soul.

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  1. Richard Bewes was Rector at All Souls, Langham Place, London when I was a member there (it was the happiest days of church attendance in my life, until recently). In such a busy church, he showed such loving concern and interest in everyone. When Donald Dewer died he spent a good few minutes commiserating with me as one of his Scottish parishioners, while the queue to shake his hand grew ever bigger. I never forgot that, such a simple thing really left a profound impression on me.

    I look forward to reading this – he writes so clearly and conversationally. Mind you, I have such a pile of books to wade through that it may be some years before I get round to it!

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