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The Thousand Year Scottish Theocracy – Letter in The Scotsman

Leslie Thomson (of the Scottish Secular Society – although he did not indicate that in his letter) had a letter in the Scotsman in response to my earlier one and article.  It is typical of the kind of ahistorical hysteria that our militant secularists put out, accusing Christianity of turning Scotland into a thousand year theocracy which left ‘nothing but bloodshed and heartache in its wake”.  Today the Scotsman published the following in response:    You can get the original here  –


“Leslie Thomson of the Scottish Secular Society (Letters, 9 June) is afraid that I am blinkering myself to “historical facts”, which apparently include the “fact” that “Scotland was a theocracy for 1,000 years, which left nothing but bloodshed and heartache in its wake”, that Christianity was 
rarely to anyone’s benefit and led to centuries of oppression and that Scots law was not based on Christianity but pre-Christian Roman law.

In a post-modern age this 
Alice-in-Wonderland view of history, where history is just what you want it to be, may ring true for the more fundamentalist secularists whose faith tells them that any public expression of religion is bad, but anyone who actually reads history would know that this is a grotesque and laughable caricature.

The Romans did not bring their law beyond Hadrian’s 
Wall, although Christians writers did adapt some aspects of Roman law (Christianity does, after all, teach about God’s common 
grace reaching to all human 
beings who are made in the image of God).

Theocracy is the rule of the state by the Church, and that clearly did not happen in the supposed “1,000-year reign”, although, as my letter pointed out, there have been those who have used Christianity for political ends and vice versa).

Ironically, Mr Thomson’s letter reinforces the point of my original Scotsman article, that if we remove Christianity from Scottish public life, we will end up with a state dominated by fundamentalist secularism with its extremist language and its rewriting of both the English dictionary and Scottish history.

Do we really want to sell our birthright for this Brave New World?

David Robertson

Solas CPC

St Peter’s Free Church

St Peter Street




  1. Great article!

    The real truth is that the massive majority of secularists are not as bright as we think of them! We give them too much room to operate in a place where they have very little clue.

    Its wonderful that you expose them for what they are. Right from Epicurus down to the modern foot soldiers.

    Keep up the fantastic work.

    Donald Kisseih

  2. If a theocracy “left nothing but bloodshed and heartache in its wake” according to Thomson of SSS, I wonder what Iraqis think of American and British democracy and what effect that has had on them.

    The truth is that no human system will ever provide real security whether it be thought a form of theocricy with church dogma or attempts at a utopia through democracy and / or secularism and people kill people and cause heartache for any number of reasons given including differing forms of fundamntalism religious or secular.

    The saying comes to mind, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist.

    Perhaps Christianity in it’s current form in Scotland is one with which it can be understandable for some to have a negative view of. Perhaps there are are expressions of secularism that have failed to adhere to the principles of equality of belief and non-belief and freedom of faith and freedom from faith.

    It seems to me that only if and when differing parties either adhere to the centrality of Christ and/or or adhere to the principles of equality and freedom shall we see a unity of effort for common good. Until then I guess we will see waring factions. Not all heartache is caused or battles are fought with bullets and guns.

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