In the Market with Janet Parshall – part 2

I very much enjoyed taking part in Janet Parshall’s ‘In the Market programme on Moody Radio.  She must have enjoyed it too as we are going to do it all again on the 16th of June.  Meanwhile you can catch up with the programme here –



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  1. The marketplace perhaps is an unusual term to use in contextualising of the gospel for contemporary culture.

    However my mind does go to the aposlte Paul with thoughts of the marketplace in Anthens and quoting the Cretan philosopher Epimenides and the Cilician stoic philosopher and poet Aratus saying of the Greek god Zeus “for in him we live and move and have our being [and] “we are his offspring” saying that they are religious yet ignorant given there was an alter to “an unknown God”.

    And then calling for a change from worship of gold silver and stone, images made by man (in keeping with God’s justice) with some sneering at him and others wanting to hear more.

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