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In This City 2014

Intro to my seminar at the In This City Conference 2014 – 8th March in Edinburgh with Matt, Steve and Derek!


  1. David, so glad that you have mentioned about persuasive evangelism. I’m excited!

    You probably won’t remember this but you did mention that it had occurred to you that comedians are prophets. Selfishly, for me, that was a powerful encouragement.

    I agree with you that culture in Scotland now is secular. It seems to me that there is tremendous potential for the arts including comedy with the good news as Paul appealed to the Athenians when he talked about their own poets and philosophers saying “in him we live and have our being”.

    May I also make a shameless plug for a slot I have in a stand up comedy gig at the Stand in Glasgow on Wednesday next week with the “Bright Club”. This does come with a disclaimer – adult material included – don’t come to the gig if easily offended!

    http://www.thestand.co.uk/performance/26-02-2014/Glasgow/Bright-Club/13555 .

  2. Will you let me know where I can get a recording of your seminar on persuasive evangelism. I found your book Magnificent Obsession really helpful.

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