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Hayley’s Law – Pro-Euthanasia TV Propaganda

This article is published in the Scotsman today –

I love the first response to it – “Why is the Scotsman providing a free platform for this ludicrous old bigot to spout his nonsense?” – which wins my award for the most self-contradictory post of the year so far!

It is good that The Scotsman is prepared to allow a different perspective.   Having redefined marriage, now our liberals want to redefine death.   `The attack on humanity continues.  I note that today the Belgian Parliament is about to vote today to legalise the euthanasia of children!
Speaking of which – have a look at this very moving video appeal to the King of Belgium –


  1. Anyone that would choose death over life for the beautiful wee girl in the video and any militant fundamentalist that claim something deserves death are two sides of the same coin.

    My father died a few years ago suffering a long and drawn out death after having had a stroke a few years previously. As he drew to the end of his life he was permanently disabled, was unable to speak, hardly able to eat, incapable of caring for himself was constantly living in an undignified state and his body became emaciated. This was traumatic for both her and my mother and for the family.

    Had he had the choice to terminate his own life, he would have done so and had my mother been able to do so, she would have done for him. The best Christian witness was to be with them through the suffering however painful and grief inducing that was.

    Whatever the right and wrong about this desire to end life to engage in this subject without compassion for those that have experienced and are experiencing similar situations cannot be deemed to be loving and therefore must be considered both inhumane and unChristian.

    For people who actually face this, this is not about being influence by a soap opera and being pointed in that direction. It is about real life and difficult decisions and extreme hardship and suffering.

    I would hope that no Christian in their right mind would in a pastoral visit to someone facing a life situation like that of my father, their first port of call would be to talk about dominion over their own body and the right or wrong of any desire they have for choice over that. My hope would be that their first inclination would be to show Christ to them, who gives release to the oppressed, sight to the blind, and hope for life in the fullest both in this life and the life to come.

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