Sex and sexuality The Church in Scotland


RELENTLESS PRESSURE.  I don’t often reblog but this article really deserves it.  Well said Campbell!

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  1. I feel that as true Christian believers,we are walking a constant tightrope. In the work place we are faced with many Challenges morally and Philosophicaly .On the one hand we have colleagues who will actively seek to entice us into attitudes and enviroments that are damaging,as well as having to be carefull that we’re not deemed as anti this or anti that.
    As a serving Police Officer of 3 years(Strathclyde)I found striking the balance very difficult.I had the automatic prejudice from peers who had pre judged me prior to meeting me.I also had to be very careful with my opinions, as any opinion deemed not to be politically correct could land you in very hot water very quickly.
    I resigned from the Police in 2006 with a very big sigh.
    A few practical tips to help you in a work environment that I had to adapt are as follows.
    A colleague or Boss may well ask you a leading question that may put you in a difficult position.
    First question to ask yourself:Can I trust this person? If your answer is no or not sure, inform them if they want to know the answer to their question contact out of work hours and keep it between the two of you, so their us no conflict.
    If you do trust the person still tread carefully, but give a truthful answer.
    Another question you must consider within any company is this, Am I aware of company policy? All employers should have one and making yourself aware of it will keep you safer.
    We are just passers by to an extent in this World so lets be”As wise as Foxes and gentle as Doves”

    I learned many lessons from my time in the Police and in other working environments.

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