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Fleabytes 32 – Same Sex Marriage in the Scottish Parliament Today

This is our short reflection on what is going on in the Scottish Parliament today – a day of shame for our nation.


  1. As a Christian who supports same sex marriage and who believes the Bible teaches much about the covenant of marriage and its importance in our lives as an echo of the relationship between Christ and the Church (but like many other Christians does not agree that the Bible in any way opposes all non heterosexual marriage covenants), I do not share your analysis that this is a day of shame. We will disagree on this until the cows come home (do cows ever actually leave home?).

    However, I share your call for a respect for the views of those who do not wish to support same sex marriage for whatever reasons and that tolerance and diversity must allow protection against the forcing of any individual to act against their conscience (another Biblical teaching). While I do have joy in my heart that finally we are moving towards the joy and blessing of a faithful marriage covenant being accessible to our gay brothers and sisters, I do not in any way gloat over those who opposed it and did not get their way in this issue – nor should we ever do this as Christians. The joy in my heart is that I genuinely believe we are seeing God’s will in this situation and that good will come of it.

    The Church now faces two challenges. The first is what to do about the internal disagreement and strife this issue has raised and how we have been tempted into sinning against one another in our anger (on all sides of this debate). Within the Christian community, people are now no longer content to know if you are a Christian, but instead they want to know “what kind of Christian are you?” Your views on a single issue can result in people refusing to have fellowship with you. Our Church is in need of a healing that is more complex than one side backing down from their deeply held views.

    The second challenge is how to speak a message of Christ’s love to the homosexual community that acknowledges the difference of opinion within the body of believers. Therein lies my heavy heart and deepest prayer as I know even daring to speak this opinion in some circles would not be tolerated.


    1. Musing Monk,

      Its funny you say Christians should teach homosexuals about Christ’s love. Trust me they can’t handle the truth of it. But perhaps I am incredulous.

      Jesus Christ pushed the boundaries of Love beyond its social and moral transcendental characteristic. Perhaps you are not aware that the fundamental nature of Love is that it is transcendent? Love breaks every social category and description.

      I have seen prisoners fall in love with their captors, the rich with the poor, white with black, free with slave, the powerful with the weak, tory with labour, etc. Love has no limits… well, until you realise that modern society has placed a devastating limit on love! (to their own doom anyway). Homosexual men CAN’T love women neither can homosexual women love men! If this is the mainstream knowledge of love that Jesus taught then I need a copy of your bible. Jesus asked us to love our enemies! Imagine that — a further indication of love’s potency. I am not against homosexuality. I am for the promotion of real and true love in respect of Love. Objective love must break gender too don’t you think? It must.

      Now marriage has also been smeared with this devastating limitation by defining it with love whiles maintaining all the segregations within it. Human relationships set the tone for societal norms. I hate the idea that “objective love” has gender limits. Love has no business in the legal domain. Same-sex marriage on the account of love can only be accepted by people who are spiritually bankrupt (I am sorry).

      Same-sex couples are free to love who they choose but in relation to culture, phenomenon like “celebrity culture, middle class culture” and the like are subsets of the mainstream ones because they are somewhat exclusive and not transcendent.
      I see “homosexual love” as the same. Gender is both a biological and social phenomenon, mainstream love should transcend it!

      I would not have espoused opinions about homosexuality, but previously, sexuality was not a subject of identity. Fair, they can choose to make it their identity. However, social identity is the practical basis for generalised public perception. If you put your privacy “out there” as your identity it becomes public opinion. It is said that white people enslaved black people. It may seem a generalisation (yes) but that is the practical way to see it in social terms. No need for words like “some” etc. Not long ago I read that women are less forgetful than men are. Does this not seem like a generalisation? But that is the way society governs identity. Until homosexuals stop using their sexuality as their identity they, and others who support them have no right to stop anyone generalising and discussing their sexuality. They must take it in good faith or stop subverting society. Absolutes are not required when analysing social identities. In that context, homosexuals must help in making society better not worse.


      1. Dear Donald
        Thank you for your reply. I have to admit, I didn’t really understand exactly what you were saying, so I apologise if I missed your point in what I am about to say.

        I find myself deeply concerned by a Christian who says things such as “Its funny you say Christians should teach homosexuals about Christ’s love. Trust me they can’t handle the truth of it.” Two things worry me here. Firstly, that you make such a generalisation as if all homosexuals are some kind of homogenous group. This is the beginning of discrimination and we need to guard ourselves against it.

        The second thing is the assumption that for some reason, heterosexuals can “handle” Christ’s love but homosexuals cannot. I do not see how sexual orientation can have any part to play in receiving the grace of God.
        God bless

  2. As Boy George recently said in an interview, “My Gayness accounts for maybe 2 hours a month.” I have a gay relative and I bet you all do too. Love is the answer.

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