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The Benefits of Christianity to the Nation – letter in Scotsman – pub 19th Nov 2013

The debate continues. This letter was in response to Robert Canning of Secular Scotland who had claimed that secularism was neutral and Christianity offered no positive good.

Dear Editor,

IN THE ongoing debate about the role of Christianity in education, Robert Canning (Letters, 18 November) makes the category error of assuming that secularism is neutral as regards religion, philosophy and ethos.

Every school needs to operate on a set of values based upon ethical and moral principles. Traditional Scottish education has been based on Christian values. What does Mr Canning suggest we replace those with? He states that his local NHS does not promote religion. That’s true, but it is predicated on religious values, that’s why we have NHS chaplains – though doubtless he would want rid of them and ban prayers in hospitals too.

Mr Canning thinks belief in God has no impact (other than a negative one) on skill, knowledge and creativity. The history of humanity would suggest otherwise. In terms of the economic benefit to the taxpayer, can I suggest that there is an enormous economic benefit in society when Christian principles are followed.

As for the taxpayer, it should be pointed out that the majority of Scots who believe in God are taxpayers too, and we see little reason why our taxes should be used to solely fund the ethos and philosophy of the secular ­humanists.

David Robertson

Solas CPC

St Peters Free Church

St Peter Street, Dundee

you can read the original and responses here


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