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Scotsman Letter on Evangelicals in Education

This letter was published on 30th Oct 2013 as part of the ongoing follow up to my article in the Scotsman on this subject:

I agree with Veronica Wilkman’s call (Letters, 28 October) that parents should not be coerced into accepting evangelising activities for our children. But I would challenge her to identify any school in Scotland where parents are coerced in such a fashion.

Her assertion is typical of the anti-theists’ attempt to generate the kind of hysteria that I wrote about in my original Friends of The Scotsman article.

I also agree that we want to avoid religious or any other indoctrination. The trouble is that the more militant atheists have it as an article of their faith that any religious teaching must be indoctrination, whereas they of course do not “indoctrinate”, they just teach the facts!

It is this kind of myopic fundamentalism and misrepresentation which is such a threat to Scotland’s Christian education system. Any who care for the good of Scotland’s children will resist it with all their might.

David Robertson

Solas CPC

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