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He Restores my Soul – Walking in the Sidlaws

After a tough week I had a day off and went for a walk in the Sidlaws, near my home in Dundee. Scotland is an astonishingly beautiful country and you can find gems like this all over the place. It really was an awesome moment for me, after walking through the woods and seeing the magnificent scenery to stop and to read, pray, meditate at the side of the loch. God does lead us by still waters and green pastures (as well as through the valley of the shadow of death). He does restore our soul through our good Shepherd, Jesus Christ (Ps 23). I cannot adequately describe the beauty and transcendence of the moment – and how wonderfully restorative it was. Perhaps this short video will help you to taste a bit. It was for me bathing in beauty – and so good for me, not just because of the tough week behind me, but the Lords Day ahead of me, when I am due to be preaching on Job 36 and 37 ‘lessons from Gods schools of suffering and creation”. The timing was exquisite.


  1. No wonder, having to answer so many posts! I did wonder how on earth this man has all the time. Glad you could get some rest.

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