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Letter in Scotsman (3rd October 2013) on banning creationists

Dear Editor,

Hugh Reilly (Perspective, 1 October) insists that those who believe “our cosmos is all down to a celestial being” should be banned from school premises.

So that’s all Christians, Muslims and most people in Scotland? Does he really think that only those who believe that the universe self-created out of nothing should be allowed into schools?

Perhaps it is time for militant atheists to leave the traditional Scottish Christian education system and set up their own atheist schools? As a Christian I am quite happy to tolerate such irrational schools, unlike the new fundamentalist atheists who seem panicked every time anyone dares express disagreement. Are the atheists so unsure of their own case that they have to have a witch-hunt against those who don’t buy into their mocking and arrogant meta-narrative?

David Robertson

Solas CPC


  1. Amen to that. I was thinking the same thing – less eloquently – this morning when I read about this.

  2. Atheism is religion, Christianity is a faith, Atheists have got to have rules and worship something. Especially when they believe some crazy stuff like the Universe was magically exploded out a lump of mass the size of a pea and one day it will go back to that pea. Oh and that humans evolved from rocks! Evolution is the Atheists one and only argument and we all know the greatest ever trick the devil pulled was…

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